Monday, 14 November 2016


What a night! Just after midnight a 7.5 earthquake rattled most of New Zealand. It was centered in the South Island and we are about an hours drive north of Wellington (NZ Capital) in the North Island. It shook us sideways, up and down and felt like it was never going to stop. We even thought at one point it was going to get worst. And this was us feeling it away from where the earthquake was centered - I can only imagine how terrified the folks in the South Island were.

There has been heaps of good sized aftershocks. Not much sleep happened here.
Our 1900 villa rocks and rolls. The worst is the noise the weights in the sash windows make...
The chandelier swings back and forth.

It's daylight now which makes everything seem better,

We are fine and all the animals are fine too. But as always in an earthquake (which I detest) I declare right I'm moving to Scotland!  ....


  1. Glad your all ok
    I hope the tsunami didn't affect many
    Stay safe

  2. Me too Leanne. What a night huh? Glad all at the cottage are ok. We just got shaken about. Miss pops not too pleased to be picked up and held under the doorway with me. She then scampers and spent about a half hour under the house. She then curled up and slept with me, so must have been a bit spooked.

    Keep safe my friends.

    julie and Poppy Q

  3. Oh my, how scary. Glad everything and body came through it okay. It sounds as though this isn't the first earthquake you've encountered. Here in Indiana they aren't something to worry about, but about 20 years ago we did receive just a little trembler and it is really a very unsettling feeling even when it's a small one.

  4. i was just about to write to you! i just saw this on the news. scary for sure. do the animals get frightened? glad you are all ok!

  5. I am so glad you are save, we'll wishes from Kansas!

  6. Felt my first earthquake in the South Island and for this aussie girl who was tipped out of her Youth Hostel bunk....I was terrified. Still am, the rolling of the ground is the strangest feeling. My thoughts to you all in NZ. Julie in Geraldton West Australia