Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Earthquakes - flooding....

 At our place we are fine. We are on a rise so no flooding of home or cattery. Still feeling the aftershocks ..... there has been over 1500 aftershocks, thankfully we have not felt them all here in the North Island but man I feel for the folks down south.

 Brent and James are stranded and cannot get home due to flooding of roads. James is staying at a friends the night but I reakon Brent will get home. He always does. Which will make me a happy chappy.

Farm Stay Guest

 Pancho is taking all the activity in his stride. (photo of him playing footsies with me)

I'll have to be more tidy! I had left the temptation treats on the stool and Pancho helped himself... he sure has strong jaws to get into the packet. It was a full pack too and he hasn't left much for another day. His mum says he gets up to this at home. Phew I'd hate to be instigating new habits.


  1. I was thinking about you this afternoon when I heard about the flooding on top of the earthquakes....hope the guys are safe and dry!

  2. Praying for the people and animals of your country!

  3. I'm glad to hear you are ok Leanne. I've been thinking about you!

  4. what a spring you are having! stay safe!!!