Tuesday, 1 November 2016


 Once again The Wheel of the Year has turned and here in the Southern Hemisphere it was Beltane. We had plans for a bonfire but life just keeps being busy and we have put it off for another day. We are tho still having a wood fire every evening as it has been a very cold spring. The mornings have quite a nip in the air. It feels more like autumn than spring as even the days are chilly.

Thank you for all the emails and phone calls, we are all well again. Still very sad re the death of a friend. Life sure is not fair at times! I've just been on a different routine and using the Ipad not computer. (Back on computer today) I have not worked out how to use Ipad to blog or leave comments on the blogs I read.. hence why I've been quite.

I have been playing on Instagram.

Being sick did highlight I need more balance in my life and I need to S L O W down. Craft work and gardening are my soul restorers and I have not been doing enough of either with the naturopathy study load.

Abbey found me the perfect wool and pattern to knit myself a shawl. I've been reluctant to knit shawls as in my head they are for grandmas. Abbey found me a pattern I really can see myself wearing in autumn and winter walking the dogs and on cold nights of dog training.

The colour matches Louie the Doberman perfect don't yea think. 
We will be matchy matchy GIGGLE.

It is more a scarf than a shawl and does not have a pointy edge (which reminds me of a how a cowboy wears their scarf). Instead it has a round edge.

The wool is from Scotland from Old Maiden Aunt Yarns. In colour way far darrig which is a Scottish sidhe (fairy folk) 

 Abbey caked the yarn for me.

 And I've casted on my Beltane Shawl.

 Spindrift Shawl - Helen Stewart
The pattern is by Curious Handmade - Helen Stewart. Personally I prefer to pay for a pattern as I know the hours it takes Abbey to design a pattern.  But in this case Helen has offered a free option of the pattern for your email. I am soo pleased I took this option as she sent a few emails with more information and details of the shawl - focused towards a person who has never knitted a shawl before. Here is the link for the option. I'm loving how the pattern is written, so clear! I had to rip back once (Abbey made me) as I had been doing my yarn over the old fashioned way - or how I remembered when I knitted 30 plus years ago. Abbey got me on the straight and narrow added a stitch maker after the last three and first three stitches of the row to help me remember to do increases. What I am enjoying most of the pattern as every 5% the pattern tells you what you are up to. It gets a tad addictive to just do a few more rows to get to the next 5%.

In the evenings while the boys are in the barn tinkering on their cars and trucks Abbey and I sit and do some knitting while watching a podcast. Above are two podcasters we have enjoyed. Anna Knitter is a primary school teacher in Austria and she teaches a German word to learn at each video.

Katie from Lavender & Leeks is from England and she podcasts about her allotment. Here in New Zealand we really take our land space for granted and there is no such things as allotments.

Farm Stay Guests.

It is the first time all year where I do not have any cats staying. If you have a friend who cherishes their cat and going on holiday feel free to pass on my details.  Here is the link about Cottage Tails Farm Stay for Cats,


  1. Happy Beltane Leanne, and I can see you have a fantastic bonfire to come.

  2. Happy Beltane Leanne!!! Blessed Be!

  3. happy beltane! i am wearing my socks for the first time and they are wonderful!

  4. Well, I did sign up for the shawl workshop. It looks so lovely with that lacy edging. I don't know when I will get around to actually knitting it but I'd like to try since I am sort of a new knitter and am too nervous about lacy things to even really consider them. This I might be able to manage.

    I'm just now learning to knit socks (on two circular needles) and have several other things all ready to start once I finish this first pair. So we'll see. Maybe one day I will be good enough to try some of Abbey's socks----I just need a little more practice.

    Your bonfire sounds really nice. I'd love to have one but it's too hot here (up around 80 F tomorrow) it hardly feels like fall weather at all. Leaves and pine needles all over the yard though do convince me that I need to get busy before cold weather actually sets in.