Monday, 10 October 2016

The Curated Closet

 I've followed the blog Into Mind by Anuschka Rees for quite a few years and also brought her workbook before. I like to support blogs I enjoy reading so also have purchased her book The Curated Closet which was just published in September.

I've been a stay at home mum for 24 years and my wardrobe has been extremely practical for my lifestyle. My colouring has changed with going grey and as I'll be back in the workforce again next year (part time as a naturopath), I feel it is time for a revamp of my look.

 One assignment from The Curated Closet is to document - all outfits for two weeks and keep a journal of where you wore the outfits. This is to get a good idea of your typical lifestyle.
Today was day one of what I wore - above photo is what I wore to do errands. I tend to wear very comfortable casual clothes that need no fuss and bother. I'm not really a girly girl.

It has already highlighted that I need to replace my farm clothes. I tend to change into scruffy clothes around home (nope not showing on blog that photo). I'm usually cleaning, gardening and handling animals so my round home clothes need to be practical and easily worn. Many people who drop off cats see me in my scruffy gear... Man I know many of you will tease me now and have me on wearing my scruffy gear that is full of holes - but ever so comfy...

The result from doing day one of the practical exercises from the book is to start looking for new practical farm clothes.

I reakon I'm gonna get a lot out of The Curated Closet book. Do pop over and have a read of her blog! And let me know if you get the book and do the assignments too.

I bought the book from Books Depository for $36.oo which gives free shipping to New Zealand.

Farm Stay Guests...

Beau and Sienna enjoyed having some spring sunshine. Beau has been over grooming Sienna. We have got out the Bach flower remedy Crab Apple hoping that will help stop his little habit. Sienna is totally happy and even seems to enjoy being over groomed by her brother.


  1. you dress so much better than i do! i am always in t-shirts or sweatshirts and shorts or sweat pants and i am eternally covered in flour!

  2. Your outfit looks lovely. When at home if I am quilting I wear what I fondly call my 'sloppy- Joes' clothes.....not sure if anyone sees me in them if they think of my clothing as'fondly' as I do!
    I remember using crab apple remedy on one of our cats who was an over groomer too.