Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Affair

 The affair never eventuated. Due to sickness the package deal - Amora Affair (love the marketing) was cancelled. Thanks Amora for being so understanding and there were no issues or hassells having to cancel our 30th Wedding Anniversary plans.

An orphan lamb - the last thing we were up to is raising a lamb. Brent found the lamb a new home. 
A country home who are used to raising lambs. The little girl named the lamb Lambinton.

Farm Stay Guests....

 The trio's holiday ends tomorrow. I'm gonna miss them. They are all so friendly. Pi's coat is a bit mucky feeling from all the rolly polly he does on the concrete. I feel he needs a good old chammy cloth rub down before he goes home.


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  2. Love your farm stay guests and so glad you are all feeling better.

  3. Oh what a cute lamb! I am glad it found a good home. :) Kit