Saturday, 15 October 2016

A Wet and Cold Spring

Cherry trees are in blossom down our driveway
it looks so pretty and romantic 

 The abandon potager that still keeps producing, garlic is even growing and I didn't plant any - it must be from ones I missed digging up last year. What a bonus!

 The hardest part of being unwell has been not harvesting the asparagus and just how quickly it has turned to seed. But that can be a good thing as you are not meant to harvest for the first 2-3 years of growing and this is its third year so next year I will be anticipating a bumper crop.

 Influenza A has dealt to our family - we are into out 3rd week. Complications of having the flu has kept us down a lot longer. It is a nasty strain and one doctor in Levin died earlier in the season from this strain, so a wicked one.

Lots of resting has been happening, the college put me on study leave which I am terrible greatful for as my theory exam was meant to be next week. No way could my brain handle study let alone an exam.

I've been knitting well more ripping back, listening on audio to The Girl On the Train - not quite my type of book being a thriller and all but I've been told by lots of friends that it is good so I'm trying to persevere. Plus it is out at the movies at the moment and I prefer to read/listen to a book before going to the movies whenever I can. Have you read/listened to the book? Should I keep going?

Watched a great movie friends told me they enjoyed. I sobbed through it. It is a true story of what actually happened - like wow you can't make up true things sometimes. I could relate to the mother as so often I have been this mother walking into doctors and specialists armed with huge files (I even had coloured graphs!)

Do not, I repeat do not watch any trailers of this movie as the plot and outcome is all given away in it. I hadn't and so pleased we didn't see any spoilers. Fab cast - the dad is our Kiwi Martin Henderson, the mom Jennifer Garner and who doesn't love Queen Latifah.

The postman has been busy - I adore Annabelle's cards from her Drawingafineline. When I gave the top card as a thank you I had to restrain myself from not labelling the ladies of our group.

I only use Annabelle's cards and buy them in packs - so I always have a card on hand.

The postie also delivered a complementary copy of Annabel Langbein's new cooking annual. I am so impressed that she is adding vegan, gluten free and dairy free options. I've lent it to a friend that is laid up. She is a fab cook and has Annabel's cookbooks - no doubt she will want her own copy. I will be using Annabel's quinoa stuffing from page 20 for Cranberry Thanksgiving this year.
At $24.95 it's a fab stocking stuffer for Christmas. I will share what I make from it in a future blog post.

Louie the doberman who is now 6 3/4 months has been amazing while we have been unwell.
For such a high energy puppy he has kept himself entertained in front of the fire on his blanket (on blanket most of the time) with his toys.

Farm Stay Guests..

Beau and Sienna sure enjoy their tucker. They have the indoor/outdoor run but have been staying snug and warm inside out of this cold wet spring. They do venture out when the sun comes out.

Labour Weekend. We have a vacancy at Cottage Tails Farm Stay for Cats. If you or your friend are planning to go away feel free to contact me about your cat coming to stay.


  1. wow....that's a long time to be sick. so sorry to hear that you still are not well and hope you are all better soon!

    1. Yep I think the lesson is I have to learn self care.....

  2. Keep going with the audiobook. I just finished the book and the ending is a twist!

    1. ok I will. But it's a tad strange so far....

  3. ohhh Thanksgiving..I will be there for it this year. And it will be the first year my family havent celebrated. The down side of being spread out.