Thursday, 20 October 2016

Knitting. books and cats.

It is such fun watching a Podcast and seeing Abbey's socks mentioned. Jooles gave such a fantastic review of how Abbey writes her patterns and even said it is her favourite sock pattern.

Sew Sweet Violets podcast is one Abbey and I have been enjoying very much. If you want to zoom to where Jooles mentions Abbey it is at about 23.08

The pattern for Time for Tea socks is available at Abbey's Raverly page. Here is the link

I'm still working away at a baby jacket. Stitch markers I am finding are a life saver to remind me for decreasing work.

I'm getting serious about knitting. I used to be a good knitter and knitted Brent jumpers and all but I haven't really knitted for 25 years. Gosh that time has flown. There is a much more modern way to knit and read patterns which Abbey is teaching me. Brent has already mentioned he used to like my jumpers I knitted him.... big hint hint
The postie delivered some yarn from Outlawyarn to make me another hat. A dog walking hat and it also means I can join a Fall knit a long that is being hosted by Anna Knitter.

Sew Sweet Violet mentioned she enjoyed watching Anna Knitter. And us girls did too. Anna is in Austria, is a primary school teacher and loves knitting. Abbey & I sit after lunch and watch a podcast while we knit - it's rather fun.

I'm still listening to The Girl on the Train. I'll have to admit I'm not enjoying it, it is not a happy book a lot of affairs and people with issues are not really my kind of leisure listening.... I'll give it a bit longer only because it cost me $30 from and I hate wasting money so feel I should stick it out.... If it was a free library book I'm sure I would have put it aside and said it's not for me.

Farm Stay Guests...
Beau and Sienna - don't yea just love their tails. I think cat tails speak so loud.

It's not been over cold but Muddy and Charles have hardly gone outside this visit. They are getting old. Charles was one of the first kittens we bred from our first litter. Laura our cat we kept is his litter sister and she is slowing down a tad too.  They will be 14 this coming February.
The photo was taken through the cat flap and yep Muddy and Charles still sitting on their chairs they both claimed.

Milo reminds us such a lot of his mother Caro - it is fun to snuggle him.

Joining Ginny and Frontier Dreams

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Daily Life

My morning view - one I never tire of.
 I do enjoy spring time and all the spring flowers that seem to pop up daily. The white iris is looking wonderful in the Moon aka White garden. Brings me such joy.

Farm Stay Guests.
 Charles and Milo


 I kinda feel we need three indoor chairs as Milo'sspot is on top of the igloo. Or does he hop off sharing a chair with one of his brothers and jump on the igloo when he hears me coming? Having a web cam in the cattery would be terribly fun.

 Beau rubbing around my legs makes getting a good shot a tad difficult
Sienna doing the old head bunt that our line does. Lordy and Cinders are big on this.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Last of the tulips

 The tulips have made a grand display this season - brought much enjoyment. White blue bells made a show too. I'm not too sure of their correct name?

 The dark tulips are Abbey's favourite. Yellow are my favourite.

 There is still some blue bells in the garden - they make a delicious show. I have white, blue and mauve. Again I'm not sure of correct name seems not quite right to call them mauve or white blue bells.

Farm Stay Guests...
 Beau takes eating his dinner as his highest priority
 Beau hasn't scalped Sienna this visit with his over grooming. The Crab Apple Bach remedy is working

 Muddy and Charles just slotted back in as if they have never been away from here
Milo licking his chops after eating mince. Milo is a tad fussy eater at home but eats well for me. CATS!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

A Wet and Cold Spring

Cherry trees are in blossom down our driveway
it looks so pretty and romantic 

 The abandon potager that still keeps producing, garlic is even growing and I didn't plant any - it must be from ones I missed digging up last year. What a bonus!

 The hardest part of being unwell has been not harvesting the asparagus and just how quickly it has turned to seed. But that can be a good thing as you are not meant to harvest for the first 2-3 years of growing and this is its third year so next year I will be anticipating a bumper crop.

 Influenza A has dealt to our family - we are into out 3rd week. Complications of having the flu has kept us down a lot longer. It is a nasty strain and one doctor in Levin died earlier in the season from this strain, so a wicked one.

Lots of resting has been happening, the college put me on study leave which I am terrible greatful for as my theory exam was meant to be next week. No way could my brain handle study let alone an exam.

I've been knitting well more ripping back, listening on audio to The Girl On the Train - not quite my type of book being a thriller and all but I've been told by lots of friends that it is good so I'm trying to persevere. Plus it is out at the movies at the moment and I prefer to read/listen to a book before going to the movies whenever I can. Have you read/listened to the book? Should I keep going?

Watched a great movie friends told me they enjoyed. I sobbed through it. It is a true story of what actually happened - like wow you can't make up true things sometimes. I could relate to the mother as so often I have been this mother walking into doctors and specialists armed with huge files (I even had coloured graphs!)

Do not, I repeat do not watch any trailers of this movie as the plot and outcome is all given away in it. I hadn't and so pleased we didn't see any spoilers. Fab cast - the dad is our Kiwi Martin Henderson, the mom Jennifer Garner and who doesn't love Queen Latifah.

The postman has been busy - I adore Annabelle's cards from her Drawingafineline. When I gave the top card as a thank you I had to restrain myself from not labelling the ladies of our group.

I only use Annabelle's cards and buy them in packs - so I always have a card on hand.

The postie also delivered a complementary copy of Annabel Langbein's new cooking annual. I am so impressed that she is adding vegan, gluten free and dairy free options. I've lent it to a friend that is laid up. She is a fab cook and has Annabel's cookbooks - no doubt she will want her own copy. I will be using Annabel's quinoa stuffing from page 20 for Cranberry Thanksgiving this year.
At $24.95 it's a fab stocking stuffer for Christmas. I will share what I make from it in a future blog post.

Louie the doberman who is now 6 3/4 months has been amazing while we have been unwell.
For such a high energy puppy he has kept himself entertained in front of the fire on his blanket (on blanket most of the time) with his toys.

Farm Stay Guests..

Beau and Sienna sure enjoy their tucker. They have the indoor/outdoor run but have been staying snug and warm inside out of this cold wet spring. They do venture out when the sun comes out.

Labour Weekend. We have a vacancy at Cottage Tails Farm Stay for Cats. If you or your friend are planning to go away feel free to contact me about your cat coming to stay.

Monday, 10 October 2016

The Curated Closet

 I've followed the blog Into Mind by Anuschka Rees for quite a few years and also brought her workbook before. I like to support blogs I enjoy reading so also have purchased her book The Curated Closet which was just published in September.

I've been a stay at home mum for 24 years and my wardrobe has been extremely practical for my lifestyle. My colouring has changed with going grey and as I'll be back in the workforce again next year (part time as a naturopath), I feel it is time for a revamp of my look.

 One assignment from The Curated Closet is to document - all outfits for two weeks and keep a journal of where you wore the outfits. This is to get a good idea of your typical lifestyle.
Today was day one of what I wore - above photo is what I wore to do errands. I tend to wear very comfortable casual clothes that need no fuss and bother. I'm not really a girly girl.

It has already highlighted that I need to replace my farm clothes. I tend to change into scruffy clothes around home (nope not showing on blog that photo). I'm usually cleaning, gardening and handling animals so my round home clothes need to be practical and easily worn. Many people who drop off cats see me in my scruffy gear... Man I know many of you will tease me now and have me on wearing my scruffy gear that is full of holes - but ever so comfy...

The result from doing day one of the practical exercises from the book is to start looking for new practical farm clothes.

I reakon I'm gonna get a lot out of The Curated Closet book. Do pop over and have a read of her blog! And let me know if you get the book and do the assignments too.

I bought the book from Books Depository for $36.oo which gives free shipping to New Zealand.

Farm Stay Guests...

Beau and Sienna enjoyed having some spring sunshine. Beau has been over grooming Sienna. We have got out the Bach flower remedy Crab Apple hoping that will help stop his little habit. Sienna is totally happy and even seems to enjoy being over groomed by her brother.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Affair

 The affair never eventuated. Due to sickness the package deal - Amora Affair (love the marketing) was cancelled. Thanks Amora for being so understanding and there were no issues or hassells having to cancel our 30th Wedding Anniversary plans.

An orphan lamb - the last thing we were up to is raising a lamb. Brent found the lamb a new home. 
A country home who are used to raising lambs. The little girl named the lamb Lambinton.

Farm Stay Guests....

 The trio's holiday ends tomorrow. I'm gonna miss them. They are all so friendly. Pi's coat is a bit mucky feeling from all the rolly polly he does on the concrete. I feel he needs a good old chammy cloth rub down before he goes home.