Thursday, 8 September 2016

Spring Violets

 The violets have gone wild... must be me not weeding. This is only one patch.
Sure makes a lovely display. I love it how they multiply.

It is FREEZING here today a real winter's day - gets me thinking maybe I am not too late to plant my garlic....

Farm Stay Guests..
 Ella did not want her photo taken tonight. She was waiting for me to leave so she could eat her dinner in peace.
Beau on the top and Sienna is tucked up in amongst blankets and hotties... not quite sure why they had some bedding pulled out. Maybe they over heated with all the extra layers I gave the cats today so that they could be snug and warm.


  1. That is too funny that she wouldn't eat until you left with the camera :)

  2. Hello Leanne,

    I can imagine the perfume coming from your patch of Violets, enjoy.

    Happy days.

  3. beautiful violets!! We have falling leaves during a heat wave....ugh..