Friday, 16 September 2016

Socks, Moon and Cats

What fun! Our favourite craft shop, Nancy's Embroidery has featured one of Abbey's designs, her Movie Marathon Sock pattern. If you pop into Nancy's snap a photo and share.

 SOB I'll not get to see the Full Moon tonight, we have rain and cloud. In the wee early hours of Saturday morning will be the a lunar eclipse, the last eclipse of the year. Often during an eclipse changes happen and our family have felt the many bumps....and doors closed firmly shut.  Have you too?

Farm Stay Guest...

 Sienna had just finished doing the old head bunt that the Lordy/Cinders line often do.
 Beau trying to tell the new guests who is boss...

Sterling has claimed the igloo
 I often wonder what the cats are thinking. Sterling I am sure is saying to Coco and Omar
There is no way you are both going to fit through the cat flap at once...


  1. Sure have felt the changes sold our house and our business and ready to move onto the next stage of our lives it is very scary as we now don't have a means of income other than hubbies superannuation. I have put it out there to the universe and I know that they will provide for us.

  2. I downloaded Abby's sock patten just now. Don't know when I will feel brave enough to try it. I read it and it does sound relatively simple and straightforward. I've only done a little with DPN's and so that would be a worry for me. Coincidentally, this morning I am going to the first meeting of a sock knitting class. I don't know any knitters and so thought that a class would be a helpful way to learn rather than stumbling along parsing it out on my own. This pattern uses two circular needles rather than DPN's or the magic loop method (which I think can be used with socks?). So it should be an interesting two hours. We'll see how confused I am on coming home again.

    A beautiful moon picture you have there, did you take it?


  3. Pretty socks and cute cats ♥