Monday, 5 September 2016

New Nest

 Geraldine has built her nest right in tight under the blackberry bushes - making it very hard for us to get her eggs. Peeper her baby from last year that ended up hatching.... (OOPS) is in on the scheme and is also wanting to lay her eggs in the same next. This is causing a bit of drama between the two girls which resulted in one egg rolling out of the nest and into the paddock. A hawk tucked into the egg this morning (which is fertile but not yet a chick as the geese have not yet been sitting, they are still laying). Hence the problem. I need to get these eggs before the girls actually sit and most definitely before  they hatch. As I do NOT want any more geese. Gus the Gander is fierce at this time of the year and very protective of his girls. So between a stroppy gander, over protective geese (understandably) and blackberry bush it is all quite a pickle...

Farm Stay Guests....

 Beau and Sienna getting all excited for their mince.

Welcome back Ella. Ella has come to stay and is in for a big surprize as she will not be going home. Her family are moving house and she has come here to be kept nice and safe while the moving men come in to pack. But by the time she leaves her new home will be all set up ready for her.


  1. Oops. They do breed quite well don't they xx

  2. Good luck getting those eggs. It sounds like you will need it.