Monday, 12 September 2016


 It's a pretty strong kombucha batch  this round. An exploding kombucha was not quite what I had in the plan, nor was a full pantry clean. But it's all nice and tidy, The trick is to remember to burb the second fermentation kombucha daily.

 It's all very idyllic with stunning blossoms on plum tree, dove cote in background.... until notice your sons tyre stack for his streetcar...

Farm Stay Guests... 
 Ella seems to remember her previous stays and has slotted straight into the routine here,
 Molly claims the chair and Bella was sleeping in the carry cage when I entered... she must be ready for home
 Bella being brave and having a look outside
 Sienna loves the tunnel... it might be to get away from Beau. Beau keeps over grooming her and I do wonder if she is getting sick of it. At home Beau's mum reminds him to stop but here I have no control. The cat nuts and water do not live on the ground, I'm usually in the middle of feeding, tucking cats in when I have my camera on me.
Beau the cleanest cat ever who even washes and washes and washes his sister.

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