Thursday, 1 September 2016

 Umm guess what I found today.....
I left the room for a moment and returned to this! I was flabbergasted and could not say a word. But I did grab the camera and get a quick snap to prove to Brent what a naughty puppy Louie is for me.

Lots of violets out.... one of my favourite herbs

Farm Stay Guests..
 Pancho saying hello to Sienna as Beau watches on

 Beau and Sienna waiting ever so patiently for photos before their dinner.

 Pancho deciding to smell the shoes or not (He chose not to)


  1. Haha Louie you sure are cheeky. Good on you buddy.

    Love that Pancho is doing the meeting and greeting at the cattery.

  2. I can see how surprising that would be. Good thing Mr. Perfect didn't knock over that cup of tea-------that would have made a real mess!