Wednesday, 21 September 2016


 Our three old hens have started laying again. AMAZING. They are so geriatric gosh they must be 11 or 13 years old and they keep on going. The large egg is one of the geese's. Since the nest was raided (by us as we do not want any goslings) the girls have started laying more eggs... we are going to have to be extremely vigilant.

Farm Stay Guests
 The door is opened and the race is on to get to the scratching pole.
Sterling has a fun trick. While trying to put a fresh bowl of water down he bunts my hand. The power of the bunt sends the water flying. Believe it or not he has caught me out three times. He's such a character.

Feeding time is supervised as Sterling sure likes to gobble and Coco eats very lady like. Omar has the meal time sussed and gets in first.


  1. I had no idea hens could keep laying for soooo long! Nice kitties ♥