Friday, 26 August 2016

Wagging School

I've the best friends!
One of them phoned today and said "WANNA WAG?"
So off we went for a cuppa.
So nice to get out and away from the school books!

She shared the above video with me and we laughed and laughed so hard our tummies hurt and we had tears falling down our face. We must of looked quite mad!

While we were in Fonterra Kapiti (BEST kept secret on the coast!) I never knew that they had a factory shop that you can walk in and get fantastic priced cheese. Anyway while we were in there a man from Tuatara Brewery was buying cheeses for their cheese and beer sampling boards.
Well us girls just had to play the video to him thinking we had just found a fun addition to their beers. He was ahead of us girls and had already seen the video.
Of course us girls had a stop at the Tuatara Brewery and buy our men folk some beer.
Aren't we good wifes?

Farm Stay Guests....

Pancho comes with coolest gear. A Sleepypod which converts from a carrier to a sleeper and also as a carseat.

Go figure! Bella and Leonardo can choose to sleep inside in the igloo... but they have been camping outside in the log cabin. I put a hottie in both beds so they can choose.

Leonardo being a tad bashful - No I'm not telling the truth.. he is just too fast moving for the camera.

Indigo having a wash after her dinner. I think her family are going to be surprised as she has been on wet food only while staying and tucking into it.... but then she might go home and not eat what is offered. Cats like to do that sometimes.

Phew I just snapped a shot of Minka before she jumped down. Minka is also camping outside in the log cabin and loves being outdoors. It's raining tonight so she will be snuggled up with her blankets and hotties.

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  1. She looks so cute. I like the texture of the black hairs on her.