Saturday, 20 August 2016


 One of the rams has a very prominent spot - not that we try to name the sheep... but how can he not be called Spot.... Saying that Abbey has been naming all the sheep and I got shown who was who this morning...
this will not end well...

 Oh how I do love snowdrops...

Farm Stay guests...

 Minka is enjoying her time outside. The weather is mild and so warm in the sun

Indigo has worked out where I put the plates ready for mealtime.
Talk about make herself at home.

Pancho trying his hardest to give me the "I'm starving look" He was a bit wicked tonight.... only wanted a splash dash evening groom.... he knew it was dinner time.

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  1. Oh spot is super cute, but as you say it will not end well. I feel teary already.

    Miss Pops is insistent that dinner time starts at 4pm, must be the longer days. So lovely and warm.