Friday, 19 August 2016

Puppy, Lambs and Cats...

 Louie is nearly 22 weeks old and will start puppy school soon. He got declined for doggie Kindy as he was too big for all the other puppies that were attending. Not the best start to dog training....Too funny aye!

 I'm making the most of watching the lambs skip about and frolick in the evenings, it brings me great joy

Farm Stay Guests...
 Minka has arrived for her holiday
 Indigo is doing grand, taking all her meds and a coded message to her mum and dad - movement is a happening.

Pancho is his happy self. I smile when people come to the cattery - and they automatically say "hello Pancho" everyone loves him.

For Pancho's grandma - the first magnolia flower is nearly out in my garden

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