Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Mr Perfect

 Now how is this for a compliment.... At dog obedience the instructor called Louie Mr. Perfect...
Can't get better than that can it?

 The first freesia of the season. The real old fashion type that has such a divine perfume.
I keep saying to myself... next year you will have time to really enjoy the garden,
It's a good feeling to think the naturopathy course will be done and dusted. It's nice to read that the college is looking at the workload for upcoming students and they are going to make changes in 2017 intakes. It's just not me that is finding the workload CRAZY....But I'm learning HEAPS and everything is falling into place. I'm starting to feel like I'm really gonna know something when I graduate.

Farm Stay Guests...
I always feel frustrated when I don't get photos of the guests. The last few evenings I'm out of routine by going out and forget to take the camera with me.

Brent fed and tucked the cats up for me tonight and by the time I instructed him who likes to sleep where and eat what, asking him to take photos too is well a bit much.

Leonardo and Bella have gone home. I dropped Indigo home (we do this if going owners way), it was delightful to watch Indigo come out of her carry cage at her house and throw her tail straight up in the air and walk about meowing checking everything was as it should be.

Beau arrived with a ding under his arm - he has been scrapping again and I wanted Brent to have a look at it. He thinks it is also fine. Beau is happy as and eating well. Sienna made quite the fuss of Brent. So did Minka! Pancho enjoyed his brush, he is really easy to look after. I'm pleased he doesn't mind a brush as I'd hate to send him home with dreadlocks.

I'll do my best to get back in routine and get photos tomorrow for the owners.


  1. he looks like mr perfect to me as well! I love that photo of him :)

  2. no one has eve said that about teddy. she bit her last trainer.