Sunday, 14 August 2016


 This little fella had just been born and having its very first feed.

 Now we are not sure if these are a set of triplets or not

 This little lamb was lost and all confused of who was its mum. Either the ewe that had two, or the ewe that had one. It kept trying to get with the older sheep who would bunt it. Sadly they bunt hard if they are rejecting a lamb. Breaks my heart. Brent moved the older sheep away and have left the two mums to hopefully accept this fella. If not looks like we will have a lamb in our bathroom again.

So far little lamb lost is hanging out as triplets.

Farm Stay Guests...

 Pancho's eyes say it all. He watched the lambs being born.

 Pancho had quite the perfect view.

Posy of the day for Pancho's grandma.

 Jonquils - spring is coming!!!


  1. bathroom lambs are my favorites! three weeks from today is the wedding...gulp!

  2. That cats eyes made me really laugh! :) Kit