Monday, 29 August 2016

Hot Rod Show

 Brent's truck on left and our late friend Ned's truck on the right. Brent did a lot of the engineering on Ned's truck, It was a tad emotional knowing Neddy was not with us, but fantastic that his family entered the truck. They had his truck spick and span just as he would have wanted it.

Photo of Brent taking Ned for his last ride in his truck.

 Ned's truck is a 1948 F3
Brent's truck is a 1951 Ford F1
The tow truck is the 1969 F100

Photos from LJD Photographix

My old flatmate next to his car was featured in  Stuff News here is the link. 

Brent asked me if I knew what this car was. Like I would know - really?
I was gobsmacked when he told me it was my wedding car...
But its not shiny and has some rust! Not how I remembered it.
Brent reminded me that was 30 years ago this coming October.... so I suppose it can be not as shiny. I'll have to dig out a photo of it to share as my wedding car.

Farm Stay Guests....

 None of the cats were awake when I did the morning walk in the paddocks to check on lambs. I suppose they are all on holiday and allowed to sleep in.

Haven't I got a great life!

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