Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Hello August

 We have been hit with cold and wet weather which is a bit harsh for lambs.  Sadly we lost one lamb.
 I'm hoping the rest of the ewes wait a few more weeks to lamb, but then I feel sorry for this little fella who has no playmates, but his mum is looking after him well.

White borage is in bloom in the Moon Garden. The bees love it as much as the blue borage.

I've been playing over at Instagram.It is a lot faster to take a photo on the Ipad and post than blogging that's why I've been a bit quite on the Blog.

Farm Stay Guests..

 Jack has been off his food at home. He has given me a bit of a run around too - but I have a few tricks and options and he has eaten well for me, not as he used to but thankfully he has been eating. I always worry if one of the cats that stay here go off their food. His purrrsonality has not changed and he gives the loudest purrs.

 Jack and Rosa have been spending most of their day in their igloo which has a hottie under it and inside the big igloo keeping them nice and warm.

 Rosa has been eating well. She likes to lick the gravy off the cat food.

 Welcome back Beau. Beau totally enjoys his tucker. Beau and Sienna's mum now has an Ipad. I forgot to ask if the grandchildren have signed to up to Instagram and Facebook. Such fun!

I set up the chairs so cats can have a hiddy hole - aka tent. Sienna is snuggled in between the quilt and polar fleece. You can just see her tell tale lump on the left.
 I only need to say hello See See as I call her and she gives me her dainty little girl meow.
Here I've lifted up the corner of the quilt for a quick photo

Before you know it Sienna pops her head out to greet me.

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  1. so sorry you lost a lamb :( I find instagram easier but I dislike the new layout and update, I am missing many peoples photos...I like chronological better!!