Thursday, 25 August 2016

Extremely Full Days

Blogging is taking a back bencher at the moment. My days are soo full seeing clients for my naturopath case studies, trying to swot for final theory exam. Do you know how HARD this is when you are a mum? And in your 50's? Gosh to be young and only having to think of yourself and study. It must be wonderful!!!

I would not recommend getting a puppy in the mix on top of everything. My routine has been totally thrown out. But I'm finally getting into a new rhythm and slowly I am beginning to adore Louie.

What do you think is going through Louie's mind in the above photo - while he is caught with my Kathmandu walking shoes in his paws???????????

I am NOT in the dog camp, more a cat person... so I have really really - extremely struggled having a puppy. And having TWO dogs IN the house ... how on earth did I let myself get talked into this situation I do not know.

Louie the puppy has thrown a HUGE curve ball into my life. On top of everything he is an ADHD puppy. So we are having to be vigilant with his diet...

BUT I am loving walking him and training him. I think he is quite smart!.

I wish I could share the video I took of him at puppy school... Oh he was the top of the class at recall. He dragged the instructor so much so that she LET go of the lead. Louie was on such a mission to get to Brent when he was called. PROUD PUPPY PARENTS MOMENT! I won't share on social media as I have not got permission from other people that just so happened to get in the video - such as puppy instructor and other classmates.

We have a goal to have him as a therapy dog where we can take him to hospices and hospitals. A doberman will be the perfect size for people in beds to reach down and pat him. I think that must be the hardest thing ever to not have a pet to cuddle when you are unwell.

Louie is keen to learn and we have taught him not to put his paw up on your lap or arm. He can sit, stay, drop, waits for his food. Waits until you walk through the door, fetch and give back his favourite ball. Will walk off leash and not go far. Currently we are working on walking nicely on the lead nice and close. Lots of little bursts of training during the day which is also great for me to get my butt off the chair from sitting studying! (Sitting is soooo bad for you... right up there with smoking)

I'm still learning Instagram - Abbey tells me off when I put up a blurry photo - which I can't tell it is blurry until I've uploaded it... I took a wee video of Louie and our morning walk and put it on the wrong account.... I've two Instagram accounts- CRAZY! But I figure people interested in cattery and my personal day will not be that interested in Naturopathy and vice versa. Such A LOT to learn!
Anyway you can see the video of Louie here with the fantails dancing around him - rather magical!

I've been learning how to use the Ipad and taken a few video of the Farm Stay guests. I can get them onto Instagram from Ipad but have not worked out how to use Ipad for blogging.

I actually enjoy my time in the cattery - I find it quite meditative. It slows me down as I sit with each cat and have a wee pat. Actual meditation is not for me ... I always fall sound asleep. ZZZZZ.
 I was mortified when one friend kindly told me I snuffled during meditation... I have not been back since

Knitting - very basic easy knitting gets me into a meditative state and I find it so soothing. Baby knits are so fun and fast. I'm enjoying knitting a little baby jacket at the moment.

Listening to audiobooks while I weed also relaxes me. I'm enjoying Enchantment The Life of Audrey Hepburn.  I got it out from the Wellington Library so Maree you should get it out too!

Abbey has released another pattern. I'm allowed to tell you about these. But not the really exciting news. I'm bursting to tell you all. It really is super WONDERFUL! That is the perks of being her mum who read her contracts before she signs deals... EXCITING, EXCITING THRILLING stuff folks,

Anyway, until then.... go and have a look at Abbey's new design. Time for Tea socks. It is published on Ravelry where you can purchase her pattern and join in on her knit along. I know the prizes!!!
Which are S U P E R!!!.. but again I'm not allowed to tell....

 CLICK here to find out from Abbey all about it and also follow her on Instagram for a discount code for her Time for Tea Socks.
(PPPPST the discount code is TimeforTeaSocks25 to get 25% off her pattern price. Valid until 9th September). You are seriously gonna not want to miss out on the knit along!!

Spring is coming...... Happy happy happy!! The first daffodil opened up in my garden yesterday.

We have lambs too..... I'll try and take a video today of them playing.... super super cute.

And as I have no idea how to get it from Ipad to blog you'll have to see it on Facebook or Instagram sorry..... I'll learn all this techno Social Media stuff once I have finished my naturopath studies....

Joining Ginny and Frontier Dreams.

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  1. Those are really pretty socks! I love knitting socks, but I've never used two colors of yarns before. I should do that soon.