Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Great British Sewing Bee

 Abbey and I have been watching the Great British Sewing Bee which we found on YouTube.
So wish we could view it on a tv station in NZ. 
We thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Gets us all fired up to sew. 
Oh the things I will do when I finish studying....

Such as sew a jacket like one of Trelise Cooper's

Using a Sew Over It pattern - Chloe Coat.

Farm Stay Guests...

Pancho and Ollie would not be still for good photos tonight. They kept wrapping themselves around my legs so this was the best photos I got. It was another mild winters day - but tonight is a bit chilly. They are all tucked up with full tummies and nice warm hotties.


  1. I love that show too. Thanks for reminding me. Why we don't having on TV is a mystery. Surely we could let an Aussie cop or border control show go in favourite of a bit of stitching.

    1. I totally agree soo much RUBBISH on TV us girls started watching season 4 of Oranges is the New Black and it has turned dark and gloomy. Such a shame we stopped watching it.

  2. Miss Pops takes herself off to bed after dinner for a big long sleep about 6pm. As you say a full tummy and a warm bed will keep them comfy all night.

    I used to love sewing, but have lost my mojo now. I got a bit tired of spending money and making stuff that didn't fit and never wearing it.


    1. I am looking forward to getting back into sewing once study over. LOVE THe Fabric store in Wellington they have yummy scrummy fabric. There is a Wellington sewers group that I hope to join once study done and dusted

  3. I used to sew a lot but the cost of patterns and fabrics became too much. Then I discovered thrift stores. Plus my dwindling eyesight made it difficult.

    1. Tell me about eye sight man I need glasses to thread a needle now BUT my sewing machine threads the needle all for me - a must have!! I'm into capsule wardrobes where you have very little clothes but nice sustainable made. I miss Jean Jones that has closed down it was made in NZ