Monday, 11 July 2016

Sunny sunny winters day

 If this is winter I am loving it. The days are sunny and bright. Too nice to be sitting inside doing study. I take my cuppa herbal tea outside with me and soak up the vitamin D from the sun rays.

It was day one of getting off coffee again.... I'm lucky and don't find it hard, some really struggle. My adrenals will thank me for not drinking coffee.

Anyone else want to join me giving up coffee?

I LOVE my Emma Birchwood cups and so do my friends when they pop in for a cuppa.
Did you see the little video I put up on Facebook and Instagram of me having a cuppa tea with the Farm Stay Guests? It's a lovely ritual of my day. (I've still got to work on my video skills and I try not to talk to the cats, incase I sound like a CRAZY cat lady...bbbbut I always forget as it seems soo rude not to answer the cats when they chat away to me)

 We are getting ready incase any lambs are early. The ewes will be moved to top paddock next weekend so we can keep an eye on them. I LOVE lambing such a special time of year.

I can hardly wait till the paddocks are full of little lambs again.

Farm Stay Guests...
 Ollie I am sure is pleased that some roommates have arrived.

 and I'm not sure if this was Portia or Bruno who zipped past so fast I couldn't tell through the camera viewlooker thing

 The cats love it when the quilts are set up like tents.
It's the school holidays here in New Zealand and I bet there were some lounges and kitchens turned into tents.... Our kids loved making tent forts out of quilts and kitchen chairs.... awwww memories.

Here let me show you, I'll just let you have a little peek under the quilt. All tucked up on a warm hottie ready for a cold winter's night.

THANK YOU to all that emailed, facebook messaged me and left comments on the blog. It is nice to know at times I am just not blogging to myself. xxxx


  1. Oh it is going to be chilly again tonight. I woke up this morning to Miss Pops snuggled right up next to me.

    I have got an idea for a post - how about showing us where everyone sleeps? (the pets we mean)

    1. Louie sleeps in his crate in dinning room, Stella is meant to sleep in lounge but sleeps with Abbey, the cats all fight over what igloo and bed they are going to sleep. I laugh as often laura gets the biggest bed or iglooo and then Lordy, Cinders and Maji all snug up in the little bed and one bed which also has a hottie always seems not to be used.

  2. Would you kindly stop hogging the sun and send it north to those of us who are supposed to be at the height if summer. Heavy rain and low cloud are becoming a bit wearing!

    1. I know Ollie's family are in London and the photos they share they are all wearing long sleeves. I often say to Brent lets move to Scotland but he assures me I would be too cold.

  3. I just popped in ti Say Hi to all your Family. I thought I had lost your blog for all time, so was glad when I went to make a comment on Razzle Dazzle and there you were. I have missed not knopwing what was going on at your place. Best Wishes Ali Honey.

    1. Hi Ali Lovely to see you. We are all good same old same old. New Puppy Louie has joined the family. Hope you and yours are well too. xx