Monday, 25 July 2016

Storm damage

 The tree in the cattery where our cats live came down in the storm -northwesterlies sure seem to hit our place. The birds sure must of been hanging on for dear life during the strong winds.
 It was a little hard to get out the back door.
 We were so lucky that we did not park our car in its normal spot or Bubbles would have got scratched

 Was quite a thud when the tree landed on our roof hitting the chimney on way down
The boys got onto the clean up.
 Plenty of firewood around this place.
After the clean up.

Farm Stay Guests...
I've given up getting good photos of Ollie, he has quite the routine where I walk in and have to sit on the chair for his pats and loves. When I put him down for a photo he rubs around my legs.

 Ollie was not fazed that his dad Lordy kept hissing (very unlike Lordy). Poor Lordy did not like the storm.
 Maji telling me all about it.

Louie and Maji are good mates. But the rest of my cats have not been brought up with dogs and do not tolerate Louie. Cinders and Laura are in the log cabin watching, while Maji rolls about talking to Louie.

I'm quite grateful the boarding cattery was not full and could move my cats to it. I had moved the cats at the first sign of damage so they were not in their run when the tree actually came down.

 the virgillia in flower
SOB the virgillia tree was one of my favourite trees. It made quite a show when in flower

 I reckon my cats are going to miss their tree. Now to think of what tree to replant - any ideas?


  1. sorry about this but so grateful no one was hurt. do magnolias grow there?

    1. ahhh they do!!! PERFECT have you one you like?

  2. Wow, that was a big tree and so pretty in bloom. We lost several trees to lightning butnot flowering. We have a lovely magnolia but it's more a bush.

  3. Crikey that is some damage! I guess you have plenty of firewood......the silver lining?

  4. I'm so sorry you lost an amazing flowering tree but very glad no body, animal, vegetable or mineral was hurt in the storm. At least you'll have loads of firewood! what about Kaka Beak - they are rare and under threat though not sure if they grow in your area.

  5. Golly, how scary for you and the cats. With such a large tree it's amazing that it didn't do more damage.

  6. Gosh what a shame about the beautiful tree but oh so lucky it didn't cause more damage!

  7. I'm so glad there weren't any humans or pets hurt too!I think your next tree should be deciduous, spring flowering and not too big! Good luck.
    PS flowering cherries,crabapples or magnolia maybe?

  8. my goodness, what a storm! we had a storm blow through and nothing was damaged except losing electricity (again) for about four long hours.