Friday, 15 July 2016

Snow Drops and kittens...

 The first snow drop of the season has flowered
 Up the east side of our property Brent has planted Kowhai's  in between the flowering cherry trees.

 It is SPRING!!! Brent planted especially for me early flowering Kowhai's so I can dream of spring Dragon's Gold are early flowering Kowhais.

Farm Stay for Cats.
 Portia with cobwebs - she is earning her keep doing the dusting, Sorry family I didn't get a good photo of Bruno he did the good old in/out cat door flap trick on us.

 Ollie enjoying his snuggle time
He loves being carried like a baby. He wraps his back legs around you just like his mum Caro used to.

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  1. i wish someone would tell Fall to get started here. it's in the 90's every day.