Saturday, 30 July 2016

Lambs, socks and cats.....

Lambing has begun... first set of twin lambs have been born for the season.
It feels like winter has finally arrived today so I hope they stay dry and warm.

 Sew Sweet Violet has shared her 3rd Podcast and has finished some of Abbey's socks she designed. I laughed and laughed when on the Podcast Jooles shared she was going to follow the directions of the pattern - knowing that would please Abbey.

Farm Stay Guests...

 Ollie goes home on Monday. Gosh  I will miss him. He is ever so demanding! He craves attention and loves his snuggles before I do anything. Obviously he had not finished as when I began sweeping the floor he lept on my back for a piggy back ride.

 Rosa was a tad vocal about having to come to the cattery. She has been spoilt of late and her nana usually cat sits.  Get well soon Jack and Rosa's nana!

 Jack just took the change all in his stride.
Jack and Rosa enjoying some outdoor time.

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