Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Birthday, cats, dogs, sheep and alpacas. Oh and a fab Movie....

Many of the Farm Stay guests and readers of the blog have watched the kids grow up. Can you believe it we are now a family of all adults. James has turned 20. Where have those years gone?
Just flown by. Brent and I are both very proud of how James has turned out.

James asked for pizza for tea. Our pizza's are interesting, non traditional with family members not eating many typical pizza toppings etc due to intolerances/allergies.
A base was made using would you believe cauliflower. The recipe is from The Green Kitchen Stories cookbook

We all went to the movies to see Dough. Oh my it was funny - highly recommend 4.5/5 from our family.

Daily Louie, Stella and I walk the paddocks looking for lambs. It could be any day now. Some of the ewes look like they might have triplets. Lambing is my favourite time of the year.

Farm Stay Guests..
My cats have settled into the Farm Stay while their home gets rebuilt. Above is Cinders.
Maji really needs to go on a D I E T - look at that apron hanging down.
No photo of Laura, She wouldn't come outside. Laura does as she pleases.

Lordy, who is the dad of most of the cats that come to stay - including Ollie.

Ollie and Maji chat away to each other. Ollie is from the Caro/Lordy line and reminds us so much of Caro. He's a really friendly fellow. The weather has been fab and Ollie enjoys being outside in the sunshine.


  1. Happy Birthday James - how grown up you are now!! Nice to see your lovely kids become great adults. We hope James got to celebrate with all of his friends and make lots of noise and do boy things.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Happy birthday to James, my eldest son is turning 20 soon too.......where do the years go? LOVE the look of the movie......thank you!

  3. A very Happy Birthday to your young man. My youngest girl just turned 31! Amazing! :) Kit

  4. Happy Birthday to James - sounds like a lovely family time. I've seen pizza bases made with Cauliflower before but never tried them - sounds good.

  5. happy birthday james! you should be proud of him. he is a wonderful guy! bathroom lambs are my fave!