Saturday, 16 July 2016

Big Day Out

Louie the doberman had some My Dog for breakfast and TRASHED the place.
ADHD material for puppies. He will not be having that ever again!

Louie is now fully vaccinated and had his first big day out. A drive in the truck to the farmer's market. He met lots of dogs - everyone seems to take their dogs to get their vegetables, eggs and honey. He even saw Indi's dad (Indigo comes to stay at the farm stay for cats). 
One old fella loved Louie - he used to have dobermans and Louie helped him have wonderful memories. Afterwards Louie had his first run at a park. Quite a big day for a young fella.  
(Louie will be 17 weeks on Monday)
Farm Stay Guests...
Ollie nearly keeping still for a photo, his tail couldn't keep still.

 Pi having a good old clean up

 Bruno watching the sparrows line up for their dinner.
 Portia watching the geese
Who were just getting tucked up for the night. No doubt another cold winter's night. Not that I mind our winter days are so sunny! All the cats have their hotties in their beds and we have the fire going.


  1. He is getting so big. We had a day out at dog parks today...

  2. Yup, processed food not good for our fur babies.
    He's so cute, you have made a superb choice selecting this doggie. I look forward to many posts about him.
    ......and that's from a cat only lady!

  3. You really do have some beautiful four legged friends!

  4. Louie is growing!! It looks like you are having some gorgeous winter days :-)