Saturday, 2 July 2016

A day off

 I had a day off today on celebration of never having to do another chemistry paper for my naturopathy course whoop whoop. Done, dusted and passed. Give me biology any day!

Well not really a day off I am still hitting the books at 4am when Louie the doberman gets me up.

I had a lovely morning going to the markets, dropping off items to the sallies and just pottering about (I did do the ironing but that didn't feel like a chore as I listened to my audio book).

Now to find time to prune the roses so come spring and summer I can sure smell em.
It's quite nice to still see some roses blooming.

I keep thinking of all the things I am going to do once I finish my naturopathy diploma. One of them is to plant a rose garden.

Farm Stay Guests.

 Ollie arrived here yesterday for his annual holiday - he was not pleased. Not like Ollie at all. He normally just makes himself at home. Maybe he was a bit embarrassed.  Under his chin has been shaved as he had been in a cat rumble. No doubt the other cat was totally dealt to by Ollie!
I was pleased when Ollie was back to his normal self today - we have had big rattle ups and he sure likes his tucker. I think his family accepts that he always puts on a little weight while he is on holiday here.

Pancho thinks Ollie is pretty awesome and sat looking at him. Pancho put on quite the show for Ollie while he got brushed today. He makes us laugh, he wiggles his little behind with delight at grooming time. (not too fussed with being brushed under the arm pits, maybe he is ticklish) . I am amazed how Pancho keeps his fur so white especially with him rolling about outside on the concrete in the husks the birds flick into the run from the bird feeder.


  1. I've been looking at my roses and thinking I have to get out there. But it's been so cold the warm house keeps me prisoner lol

  2. jeeze leanne, you work so hard you really deserve a day off!

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