Thursday, 23 June 2016

Very spoilt

 Shilo, Symba and Amber's family spoilt me rotten. They went especially to Emma Bridgwater London Stoke on Trent to choose some mugs for me. They actually saw Emma - Like WHAT a BUZZ!!!

I've shared before Emma Bridgewaters's book I really enjoyed reading

 The mugs are perfect! Spring - daffodil and tulips and they were so pretty wrapped up in orange tissue. (I can used them all winter and pretend it is spring)
 Along with an Emma Bridgewater bow and a lovely gift bag.
Totally made my day!
It's hard to explain but I run the cattery as a hobby not a business, only a few families can bring their cats here. I don't ever want it to get too busy, that way I can keep it personal and well it is a joy rather than a task. - Our slogan is "Not just ANY cat can stay here".
Mostly the cats that stay we have bred, sometimes if  owners love and pamper their cats they can contact me to discuss the possibility of their cat staying.
I run it on a Koha basis - which if you are not a kiwi here is how we look on a koha
The koha reflects the mana of both the giver and the recipient, reflecting what the giver is able to give, and the esteem they hold of the person or group they are making the gift to - and hence plays an important part in cementing good relations. 

It's rather wonderful don't you think? AND I ADORE my new cups. Tomorrow I'll share a recipe to try them out in. I'm currently writing recipes for my naturopathy assignments. All of them will be included in a booklet which will be used for when I finish my degree and launch my new venture as a naturopath. EXCITING.
I will soon be looking for recipe testers. (yell if you want to know more)

 Louie is now taller than Stella. Here they are in motion playing. Stella tolerates Louie. Louie loves Stella.

Farm Stay Guests.
 I am sorry Pancho's photos were all blurry I thought they were good in cattery. He was quite frisky tonight. When Shilo. Symba and Amber's owner arrived to pick them up Pancho put on quite the show with little meows and he waves his little paw. He is soo cute. But for the life of me I do not know why he like to roll on a nice clean floor. I had towel dried it well but he seems to like to roll and scoot along a clean floor.

 Cosby tucking in
Where as Ella was getting herself tucked in. I've moved them about and they now have the indoor outdoor run - will save me in weight lifting carrying them in and out each day.


  1. such pretty mugs! i have never cooked for money in my entire life. i always think that would ruin it!

    1. Your cooking bless's soo many people. And you will be remembered by many for your kindness

  2. Gemma and I will test recipes :-)

    1. Awesome you girls will be perfect testers. Thanks

  3. Oh what lovely mugs! I keep hoping I will find one at a yard sale of an unsuspecting seller and oh how happy that would be. :) Enjoy! Kit