Saturday, 18 June 2016

Total random blog post...

Credit of this amazing photo goes to Carissa Shimpeno & Gay Glazbrook. How on earth they got nine doberman puppies to sit still flaws me. 

Compared to the above photo Louie is losing his puppy look.... 

Naturopath student learning....
I said I'd share some of my research I've been doing for my naturopath course, however I am reluctant incase people stop medication without discussing it with their doctor or seeing a herbalist or naturopath. Just stopping medicine and not changing diet or lifestyle is not recommended at all. 

So with that disclaimer .......

If you or a family member are taking antacids for heartburn medication I'd recommend you research what you are taking. Chris Kresser has written a great article on these.

If you or your family member are taking cholesterol medication, I'd also recommend you research what you are taking.  There is compelling evidence which has found high LDL cholesterol is inversely associated  with mortality in most people over 60 years . Click here to read the study results. 

I've gone on such a rabbit trail of learning re these two medications and soo excited to be learning natural healing. 

Farm Stay Guests...

 Ella and Cosby doing their morning yoga moves.

 Amber does like to claim the shelf to sit on
 Shilo and Symba touching noses. Three in a family can be a crowd. I've noticed Amber and Symba cuddle up together and Shilo likes to pull the bedding out of the igloo or log cabin and sleep on the ground.

I tried Pancho on some of the cat mince and he turned his nose up. He even left any of his fancy feast that had touched the mince. Pancho still only wants to eat his fancy feast.