Thursday, 9 June 2016

Topsy Turvy

My life is all back to front and I suppose thrown into CHAOS since we got the puppy.
It's like having a new baby all over again.
I honestly had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy.
My routine is all up the wack!
I'm trying to get my study done when he is asleep.  So my normal routine I like to have has been adjusted to fit around Louie.

Then the kids have been unwell..... James is home sick today. So today will be like old times of homeschooling when sick - a TV day of watching movies for the kids.

Brent was Mr Mum for the long weekend. Brent cooked and cleaned and looked after the puppy.
 I just sat on the computer and completed a big assignment. That felt good. (not good for stats on fit bit as I only averaged about 4,000 steps per day!).

I did laugh terribly evil while Brent was in charge. Mr Louie (aka puppy) DUG a hole in the dog run and escaped under the house. Brent had to entice Louie out via the man hole.

Louie then dug another hole under the fence and got out of his run (not our section). All while Brent was being busy doing Mr mum things.

My daily solace is visiting the cattery. Mr Louie is not invited there and I can sit and have a wee relax with the guests. Having an IPad and a camera and a cellphone to take photos seems to also have thrown me off course and I forget to take ONE of them down to the cattery to get photos of the cats. I get down to the cattery and kick myself as often I think ooh that will make a good photo.

Now do you know the most funny thing has happened to me .... 

I'm at the shops and two people have come up to me and said "HELLO! Have you got a blog?"

They read the blog. What fun!

One lady is Judy from Australia who is here visiting the Kapiti Coast. I wonder if I looked as exhausted in real life to her as I felt. I was honest tho when she asked how is the new puppy. I said I had suggested to Brent we should SEND him BACK!

I really do not think I am a puppy person. I'm more in the CAT club!

The other lady that said hello to me at the shops also has a blog Eco Chick. We chatted away as she has finished a nutritionist course and I'd just completed a chemistry assignment all about the knowledge of chemical reactions and nutrient utilisation in human metabolism (SHUDDER)

Then it starts to rain and she helped me put my grocery shopping in the car. All I could think was oh my I'm not so eco green I still use plastic bags for my shopping. (not that I believe for one moment that she would judge)

Nor would I judge if you also had in your shopping bags some Whittaker's Black Doris plum and roasted almonds chocolate. Have you tried it yet? It is the BEST very morrish!


  1. Sounds like the fun and games continue at your place with Master Louie keeping you all busy :-) Yes, tried - and loved - that chocolate!!!

    1. Yes I had forgotten what it is like to have a puppy. He is cute but busy

  2. Oh gosh no more puppies or kittens for me! My thoughts are with you :-) The chocolate sounds scrummy!

    1. Yep I never thought I'd say it but no more pets for me too. But saying that Louie is ever so cute. (asleep) LOL

  3. I remember it well with Kaeli while Rosie was in Hamilton..then just when she was out of puppydom Rosie announced she was getting another dog (at least this time it would be just when she was visiting) but it was just like having a toddler in the house again!