Monday, 27 June 2016

The Weekend

My weekends are being spent doing my assignments. Brent becomes Mr. Mum and does the meals and chores for me while I hit the books. I still feel like I am drowning in all the assignments for the naturopath course. Makes me feel better that other students I talk to feel the same way. There is a high drop out rate for the course and I can see why.

But I am enjoying the course and finally feel like I know something. All the learning seems to be falling into place and the finish line is well and truly within sight. We have been talking about what I will do when I finish and that is all very exciting.

Sunday late afternoon we went off and saw the movie Me Before You. I had read the book which I loved so was hesitant to see the movie as often they are never as good as the book. But they nailed it with casting and costumes. 5/5 from us girls.

Farm Stay Guests...
 Pancho happily goes in
 and out of his cage to be carried in and out of the cattery.

He had not had his brush yet before the photo... he seems to enjoy the farm cat look while here. But he does so enjoy his brush even Abbey commented yesterday how much he loves his grooming especially his back end when she popped down and gave him a brush yesterday.

Sorry no photos of Cosby and Ella - I forgot to take any before I put Pancho outside.

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  1. I have not seen the movie but I have read the book and enjoyed it. I was a little disappointed in the book "after you". Your weekend sounds wonderful and I wish I had a Mr Mum!!