Monday, 20 June 2016

The Weekend.

A movie to see.... Florence Foster Jenkins. I Loved it. I laughed I cried and left the theatre feeling wonderful. 5/5

A class to take....
The community centre had a photography class run by Simon Neale. I've come away with some new knowledge.

We were learning how to blur out the background in photos which is called shallow depth of field.
I've nailed it in this shot

I didn't manage to do it in this shot but a nice one of my boys looking.  Shame about the rose bush in the bottom frame.
It was nice to have a day off study and get out and about.

Farm Stay Guests...

 Ella's favourite spot. Every time I open the run she makes a bee line for this spot.

 Cosby moves - what he is about to do is jump on me.

 Pancho doesn't give a toss the Shilo is talking to him.

 Shilo and Symba

Amber keeping her eye on the others. All three of them camped out in the outside log cabin last night. The weather has been quite mild. But as of tomorrow Winter Solstice the days will start to get colder.
It's a Full Moon tonight (and Winter Solstice Eve) I'm hoping for fine weather.

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  1. Thanks for the good review, me and one of my good friends are taking her mother out to Petone on Weds, and we might just go and see that movie.

    The photography course is a good idea, I am hopeless at remembering settings or doing anything fancy with my camera.

    Still on night shift, just checking out the internet imbetween patients and get to finish at 7am. woohoo!!!

    Julie Q

    1. I think you girls will enjoy the film. I specially liked it as very clean, no bad language. It is based on a true story. I've still along way to go to learn camera, but pleased I've learnt how to blur out background. Now to find time to practice. Nearly home time for you.