Thursday, 16 June 2016

Show and Tell

I'm really really lucky that I have a daughter that loves craft. Both of us love Liberty fabric.

So much so that I will only iron shirts made with Liberty fabric. (Yep Rodd N Gunn sell men's Liberty shirts) I tell you if you are like me and dislike ironing buy the men folk their shirts made out of Liberty and it will transform your life.

Any way, Abbey and I have been tossing up at making a Liberty quilt. The above videos are awesome at explaining the measurements of the templates for Grandmother's Garden Hexagons, apple cores and tumblers. I'm being very boring and good at NOT starting something new (except for knitting a new hat for myself) but Abbey is going to start collecting Liberty fabric and make a Grandmothers' Garden quilt in Liberty fabric. Oh did I share I am a drop out at smocking... but you try and smock with a puppy.... fail.

We are so blessed having so many people happy to bring back items when they travel overseas that we cannot get in New Zealand. In the above video's you will see the turntable cutting mat that is such a NEED, plus the lady sells all the templates and cut outs for any paper piecing you could dream of.

Ava & Me sell bundles of Liberty Lawn so some of these will be heading back to New Zealand in a friend's suitcase for Abbey. 

Daily Life.

 I am finding my days are so full and busy. By the time I do the cats (which takes me ages by the time I play and pet them all. Something I really enjoy doing. They all give me such a lovely welcome).

Then I take Louie for his daily walk around the paddocks. We are working on lead training. 
Isn't he sooo cute carrying his lead? 
He can come, drop and walk on the lead without pulling and he is only 12 weeks old. And he is fully toilet trained (he is soo clever)!  

If you are on Instagram have a look at The Dobie Team. The lady speaks Spanish to her four dobermans and they are soo well trained. (I personally prefer dobermans not to have their ears and tails cropped, thankfully it is going to be against the law in New Zealand for cropping all dogs tails soon (including poodles tails). 
I don't think cropping their ears has ever been legal in NZ??? Not sure on that.)

In Between that I am doing my daily chores of dishes, washing and study when Louie sleeps.
 (It is like having a baby/toddler again)
I must share what I am researching for my naturopathy course, it is blowing my mind! 
Tomorrow if I get time ok.

Farm Stay Guests
 Pancho was in a frisky mood this morning. He really was not interested in getting his fur brushed.

 Cosby and Ella know the drill, they go into the entry way while I go through to the other run. They are totally into my routine and methods now.
 Shilo loves the tunnel - I think her family are going to have to have one for their home.
 Amber has been taking her meds no problem for me. Isn't she a good girl.
Oh I am terribly sorry I cut off Symba's tail in the photo. He lines up for the most pats after Cosby (Cosby demands pats by climbing up my body). It really is a joy to pop down and see the cats. Of course I have my cats too so umm that is ten cats here at our place. I don't really know if people want to see photos of my cats. The blog is pretty over run with cats. SMILE


  1. Sounds like that will be one nice quilt. The circular turning cutting mats are great as are the glue sticks. I love Sue daley's templates for cutting out the shapes and of course you can now get fusible/water soluble pre cut shapes too!!

    1. really, fusible/water soluble - now that is cheating. LOL

  2. Everybody looks great today, nice to have such mild sunny days, although the rain is on its way. I would love to see your cats, how are they coping with the new arrival?

    I am sure a new quilt made with liberty fabric would be lovely. There seems to be a bit of fabric and pre cut squares available on ETSY.


    1. Maji doesn't mind Louie but the others have never been brought up with dogs so are not thrilled. I'll get some photos of my cats. Dare I look on Etzy?????

  3. I am enjoying watching Louie become a family member and you could just fall deeply into his gaze!! He is quite the handsome lad.

    1. I think I can say I've finally bonded with him. The first week was oh no what have we done! He does want to please but into everything.