Thursday, 30 June 2016

Princess Feet

Farmer's had a 50% off sale today so I stocked up on my favourite socks that are possum merino which are made in New Zealand from 

Abbey said they looked like rugby socks

Brent said they reminded him of the Minnie Minx and Dennis the Menace from the Beano comics.

I like them! They are soft, warm and keep my feet toasty.

I had to own up to Abbey and say I didn't like wearing hand knitted socks. 
Apparently there are other people who also do not like the texture of knitted socks on their feet too. 
We are known as having Princess feet. Crack up aye!

 Sew Sweet Violet has published her second podcast and she talked about Abbey. Oh man it was fun!
Abbey called us all in and we watched it on the Tv in the lounge.  Jooles did a really lovely mention of Abbey - here is the link to watch the podcast episode.

Farm Stay Guests.
 What a hoot Cosby and Ella's dad said he read I liked vodka (like making it sound I was a lush).
He was having me on as he knows I use it for my herbal tinctures and gave it to me as thanks for having their cats.

Interestingly I can tell if you are a lush  by looking at your tongue - well not really but the liver area can be a bit bald if your liver is in need of support. (bit of naturopath knowledge there). I must say I can't help myself zoom in and look at a celebrities tongue if they poke it out in photos.
You can learn a lot from the inner health from the tongue.

 Pancho had the full run of the place. I've moved him to the indoor outdoor run and he likes to sit on the scratching pole and talk to me as I walk about.

I think he just likes to keep an eye on me.


  1. Farmers (and other stores) really annoy me with their constant sales - why can't they just have a good price all the time. Price $50 one day $25 the next $50 the next - it is mad but still good if one can get the lower price. I must admit I often stock up on socks when they have these specials but they still annoy me.

  2. I am so pleased that I am not the only one who does not like knitted socks also I am really fussy about the toe seams as some of them burn the tops of my toes. Also with the Farmers sale I stocked up on xmas present's yesterday.