Monday, 13 June 2016


I watched my very first ever Podcast this week. A blogger I enjoy following Sew Sweet Violet did her first one this week, or was it last week? The days are just flying.

I really enjoyed watching the Podcast. It is like sitting and having a cuppa tea with Jooles. I think she is really brave! But I'm glad she is.
I follow Jooles on Instagram too. I am really enjoying Instagram and hello to all who have found me playing at Cottagetails.
And oh my Jooles has the best ever Emma Bridgewater cup collection. You will LOVE it.
Abbey and I are also collecting the mugs and we ask ALL Farm Stay Guests who travel to England to bring us one back  (we pay of course). Such FUN!

Oh GO ME! I have to share as I am chuffed with myself. A new test was put up for my naturopathy course and I gave it a go. It needs an 80% pass. I tried it without doing the assignment and got 70%. The learning from my case studies is paying off. whoop whoop. (The tutor who wrote the test said it was hard so she patted me on the back too). After October I will be available for a few new case studies. I need a pregnant mother, or mum that is feeding her baby, a toddler and a child. So if you read the blog and would like to be involved send me an email (sorry only available if you can travel to the Kapiti Coast).

Farm Stay Guests.
 It was a lovely sunny day here on the Kapiti Coast Cosby & Ella went outside. But I forgot to take photos tonight when I tucked everyone up. So that is why Pancho is dominating the photos. Here he is talking to Shilo. (Shilo is not too fussed on him but Pancho just ignores him - which is why he gets the middle run as Pancho does not get stressed by the other guests).

Pancho and Cosby having a chat. Ella was in the igloo.
Its' meant to be another cold night here - all the cats are tucked up warm with their hotties and we have the fire on, but I might put some extra blankets on our beds tonight.


  1. Oh I love podcasts. I listen to Desert Island Discs every week, and there are so many great other ones that are entertaining.

    And I love Emma Bridgewater too. It was a shame when Kirks closed, as we would stock up on plates from there.

    Extra quilt is on the bed tonight too.

    1. I am soo behind the times with podcasts. Lets hope David Jones stocks Emma Bridgewater. Keep warm both of you