Tuesday, 28 June 2016


 I was given a cutting from some guests owners as a thank you of her white Daphine to go around the bush bath which I've been planting only natives and white flowers for a moon garden. I was tickled pink to see it looks like it will flower it's first season here. Some may see the chickweed growing around it as a weed, but I see it as a herb and use it in an eczema cream.

Farm Stay Guests....
 Cosby enjoying some sun. This afternoon turned out a lovely winters day (I'd love winter if everyday was like it)
 Ella - I nearly got her looking at the camera.

 Pancho, Ella and Cosby are all good mates. Cosby and Ella go home on Thursday and then Ollie comes for his annual holiday. Pancho will only be on his own for one night. Ollie is a friendly bloke so both him and Pancho will get on too.

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