Thursday, 30 June 2016

Princess Feet

Farmer's had a 50% off sale today so I stocked up on my favourite socks that are possum merino which are made in New Zealand from 

Abbey said they looked like rugby socks

Brent said they reminded him of the Minnie Minx and Dennis the Menace from the Beano comics.

I like them! They are soft, warm and keep my feet toasty.

I had to own up to Abbey and say I didn't like wearing hand knitted socks. 
Apparently there are other people who also do not like the texture of knitted socks on their feet too. 
We are known as having Princess feet. Crack up aye!

 Sew Sweet Violet has published her second podcast and she talked about Abbey. Oh man it was fun!
Abbey called us all in and we watched it on the Tv in the lounge.  Jooles did a really lovely mention of Abbey - here is the link to watch the podcast episode.

Farm Stay Guests.
 What a hoot Cosby and Ella's dad said he read I liked vodka (like making it sound I was a lush).
He was having me on as he knows I use it for my herbal tinctures and gave it to me as thanks for having their cats.

Interestingly I can tell if you are a lush  by looking at your tongue - well not really but the liver area can be a bit bald if your liver is in need of support. (bit of naturopath knowledge there). I must say I can't help myself zoom in and look at a celebrities tongue if they poke it out in photos.
You can learn a lot from the inner health from the tongue.

 Pancho had the full run of the place. I've moved him to the indoor outdoor run and he likes to sit on the scratching pole and talk to me as I walk about.

I think he just likes to keep an eye on me.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


 I was given a cutting from some guests owners as a thank you of her white Daphine to go around the bush bath which I've been planting only natives and white flowers for a moon garden. I was tickled pink to see it looks like it will flower it's first season here. Some may see the chickweed growing around it as a weed, but I see it as a herb and use it in an eczema cream.

Farm Stay Guests....
 Cosby enjoying some sun. This afternoon turned out a lovely winters day (I'd love winter if everyday was like it)
 Ella - I nearly got her looking at the camera.

 Pancho, Ella and Cosby are all good mates. Cosby and Ella go home on Thursday and then Ollie comes for his annual holiday. Pancho will only be on his own for one night. Ollie is a friendly bloke so both him and Pancho will get on too.

Monday, 27 June 2016

The Weekend

My weekends are being spent doing my assignments. Brent becomes Mr. Mum and does the meals and chores for me while I hit the books. I still feel like I am drowning in all the assignments for the naturopath course. Makes me feel better that other students I talk to feel the same way. There is a high drop out rate for the course and I can see why.

But I am enjoying the course and finally feel like I know something. All the learning seems to be falling into place and the finish line is well and truly within sight. We have been talking about what I will do when I finish and that is all very exciting.

Sunday late afternoon we went off and saw the movie Me Before You. I had read the book which I loved so was hesitant to see the movie as often they are never as good as the book. But they nailed it with casting and costumes. 5/5 from us girls.

Farm Stay Guests...
 Pancho happily goes in
 and out of his cage to be carried in and out of the cattery.

He had not had his brush yet before the photo... he seems to enjoy the farm cat look while here. But he does so enjoy his brush even Abbey commented yesterday how much he loves his grooming especially his back end when she popped down and gave him a brush yesterday.

Sorry no photos of Cosby and Ella - I forgot to take any before I put Pancho outside.

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Saturday, 25 June 2016


 Laura is the boss. She hogs the BIG bed while Lordy, Cinders and Maji all snuggle up into a tight squeeze to all fit in the bed for one.

Farm Stay Guests...

 Pancho has been enjoying his days outside.

 He goes in and
 out of the tunnel.

 Ella and Cosby usually are best of mates
 BUT can you see the biff Cosby is giving his sister Ella?

The standoff-- need a bit of old Western music....
I saved the day by giving Ella some nuts on the top of the igloo - as you do.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Very spoilt

 Shilo, Symba and Amber's family spoilt me rotten. They went especially to Emma Bridgwater London Stoke on Trent to choose some mugs for me. They actually saw Emma - Like WHAT a BUZZ!!!

I've shared before Emma Bridgewaters's book I really enjoyed reading

 The mugs are perfect! Spring - daffodil and tulips and they were so pretty wrapped up in orange tissue. (I can used them all winter and pretend it is spring)
 Along with an Emma Bridgewater bow and a lovely gift bag.
Totally made my day!
It's hard to explain but I run the cattery as a hobby not a business, only a few families can bring their cats here. I don't ever want it to get too busy, that way I can keep it personal and well it is a joy rather than a task. - Our slogan is "Not just ANY cat can stay here".
Mostly the cats that stay we have bred, sometimes if  owners love and pamper their cats they can contact me to discuss the possibility of their cat staying.
I run it on a Koha basis - which if you are not a kiwi here is how we look on a koha
The koha reflects the mana of both the giver and the recipient, reflecting what the giver is able to give, and the esteem they hold of the person or group they are making the gift to - and hence plays an important part in cementing good relations. 

It's rather wonderful don't you think? AND I ADORE my new cups. Tomorrow I'll share a recipe to try them out in. I'm currently writing recipes for my naturopathy assignments. All of them will be included in a booklet which will be used for when I finish my degree and launch my new venture as a naturopath. EXCITING.
I will soon be looking for recipe testers. (yell if you want to know more)

 Louie is now taller than Stella. Here they are in motion playing. Stella tolerates Louie. Louie loves Stella.

Farm Stay Guests.
 I am sorry Pancho's photos were all blurry I thought they were good in cattery. He was quite frisky tonight. When Shilo. Symba and Amber's owner arrived to pick them up Pancho put on quite the show with little meows and he waves his little paw. He is soo cute. But for the life of me I do not know why he like to roll on a nice clean floor. I had towel dried it well but he seems to like to roll and scoot along a clean floor.

 Cosby tucking in
Where as Ella was getting herself tucked in. I've moved them about and they now have the indoor outdoor run - will save me in weight lifting carrying them in and out each day.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Winter Solstice

 I'm not a winter type of person, but I am trying to embrace every season. We eat to the seasons so loving all the winter food. You will not find us eating a tomato at this time of year.
We got the second to last turkey in all of Kapiti yesterday (after visiting 5 shops). I left it a bit late - but so thankful we could have a turkey for tonight's Winter Solstice feast.
It was cloudy here for the Full Moon last night. Hope you saw her.
And too wet for a bonfire. Tonight we feast and celebrate the return of the sun. From now on the days will get lighter.

Farm Stay Guests...
 Pancho playing with his lizard

 Amber, Symba and Shilo are still camping outside in the log cabin (I didn't get a good photo of Shilo it was all blurred so didn't put it on). Amber and Symba were watching James & Louie playing in the top paddock.

Cosby and Ella got rather impatient - they wanted mince not photos.

It's been really mild here last few days and all the cats have been spending time outside (Pancho sits at the doorway and watches out)

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Weekend.

A movie to see.... Florence Foster Jenkins. I Loved it. I laughed I cried and left the theatre feeling wonderful. 5/5

A class to take....
The community centre had a photography class run by Simon Neale. I've come away with some new knowledge.

We were learning how to blur out the background in photos which is called shallow depth of field.
I've nailed it in this shot

I didn't manage to do it in this shot but a nice one of my boys looking.  Shame about the rose bush in the bottom frame.
It was nice to have a day off study and get out and about.

Farm Stay Guests...

 Ella's favourite spot. Every time I open the run she makes a bee line for this spot.

 Cosby moves - what he is about to do is jump on me.

 Pancho doesn't give a toss the Shilo is talking to him.

 Shilo and Symba

Amber keeping her eye on the others. All three of them camped out in the outside log cabin last night. The weather has been quite mild. But as of tomorrow Winter Solstice the days will start to get colder.
It's a Full Moon tonight (and Winter Solstice Eve) I'm hoping for fine weather.

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