Sunday, 22 May 2016


 I've been attending a learn to smock class at Nancys  just because I've always wanted to learn how to smock. One of my close friends and only close friends could really asked what on earth I was doing taking on something new when I am meant to be studying for exams.
It has turned out the best thing I have done for "me" in a long time. I've met up with friends before and after the classes, got totally immersed in learning a new skill and while doing so everything about home life, study etc has all been totally forgotten. I've met some lovely ladies through the stitching group and we have planned to keep meeting while there is a class gap for three weeks. In the three weeks we are meant to finish all of our stitching and the final week is making the little dress.

 I had such fun visiting The Fabric Store in Wellington - they are now stocking Liberty fabric. Oh man I could go crazy in this shop.
 A Liberty Lawn was chosen and some DMC colours from stash for the smocking.
 Last weeks progress I achieved learning the cable stitch. I'll up date a photo of yesterday's progress later in the week. It really needs daylight to get a good photo.

Did you all get to see the Full Moon last night? I've popped a video on Instagram, We were in the barn listening to the recording the teens did this week at their jamming session - sounds rather good.

Farm Stay Guest.

I also put a video of Pancho rolling about on Instagram too. I am amazed at how white he stays even though he gets in amongst the pine needles and dust on the concrete etc. I'm pleased he enjoys his grooming as I try and make sure he goes home as flash as he arrived.


  1. That brought back memories - we did smocking at school - doubt I could remember how to do it now although, I expect, it would all come back to me if I looked into it. Well done.

  2. That dress is adorable, Leanne...Great job!! My mum used to do fact she made a smocked dress for Rosie when she was little. It's something I've never done - but maybe when I have more time I'll learn how :o)