Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Ready and Waiting

 We are already for the new bloke to arrive. His nursery is set up. He will be crate trained, hence the pen. He seems to be quite the Beco collector from all his toys.
The breeder has had the puppies on the following routine which is fantastic
o   6am      -           Breakfast and play time
o   7am      -           Sleep time (in their play pen for 3 hours) – bone to chew
o   1pm      -           Lunch and play time; often an afternoon nap
o   6pm      -           Dinner and playtime
o   8pm      -           Sleep for the night

 Gosh it is exciting when a photo update comes through from the breeder.
Next Monday is the adoption date. I've still yet to puppy proof the house, roll up the rugs, organise all cords for charging Ipads and cellphones to new safer places.

Farm Stay Guests

Pancho has come back to stay while his family travel overseas for work. The first thing he did when he got out of his carry cage was go to the food bowl. Which was empty as he comes with his special ragdoll cat biscuits. I had to fill the bowl pretty smart.

I've been given an Ipad and took that down to the cattery with me. I can video on that and upload to Instagram. I still prefer to use my laptop to write the blog so to see his video here is the link.


  1. Your new little man is very cute. Have you decided on his name? Seems like a good routine for a little puppy, lots of play and lots of sleeping.

    Hello Pancho - nice to see you back.

    Julie and Poppy Q