Monday, 9 May 2016

Mother's Day

Our  kids - they bring me such joy and love every single day. I am so proud of both of them and they let me mother and fuss over them every single day. I am soo lucky! I just love my little family to bits and so greatful we are a close family unit.
They made such a big fuss this year. I was told nothing (which drives me CRAZY). Typically we don't really do Mother's Day - I'm not one for commercialism and all. But the kids went out of their way to acknowledge all I've been doing for them of late. Oh I got very teary eyed and felt so loved and appreciated.

 They all organised meals which meant heaps to me. Making meals daily to suit everyone's special diet needs has brought me to my knees a few times lately. There is no room to not be prepared. Abbey found a local fish n chip shop that does gluten free and for the nightshade free folks kumera chips. A real treat of rare takeaways for our family.
They even cooked my dinner for me. I think I was a cave woman in a previous life as I prefer to chew on a bone than eat meat so they prepared spare ribs and salad. YUM!

 Stella enjoyed her little swim at the beach - our autumn is so mild - it's really lovely.

 James who is an apprentice has been spending his lunch breaks making me a candelabra or is it candelabrum? out of stainless steel so it will not rust for my bush bath. Sure am looking forward to my next bush bath. I'm totally stoked and love it!

Abbey had been given some money and spent it buying us both fabulous tickets to the Wizard of Oz Ballet. It brought me to tears the selflessness of the gesture. And man I was surprized. I had no idea all that I knew was written in my diary "keep the afternoon free".

Us girls loved the ballet. The lion costume was my favourite with his dreadlocks. 

Being a lover of tap it was rather wonderful when Dorothy put on her red shoes and did some tap dancing. For our performance Dorothy was Bronte Kelly

We had different dancers at our performance who played the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow.
They were all fab!

Photo source RNZB.

Choreographer Francesco Ventriglia has based the ballet on the original book by L. Frank Braum's Wizard of Oz (which I have never read and now will) and also his memory of a little girl he met when he was in hospital.
Some children in the audience were quite lost with the story, (I love seeing all the wanna be ballerinas with their hair in ballet buns). The ending was terribly sad which I was not expecting. But wow what an awesome ballet to provoke such emotion.

Photo source RNZB

Sir Jon Trimmer my favourite dancer of all had a role as Uncle Henry.

5/5 I loved every minute of it

Mother's day for me brings up many emotions and memories. As a little girl on Mother's Day I always wondered who was my birth mother. When I was 19 I searched and met her. Many years later I found out about my natural father. I thank my mum & dad  who adopted me. I was a lucky girl to be removed from my natural family.

And to my mum who raised me -  I'm so greatful for the values she has instilled in me. Plus I am in awe of her. She is in her 80's and learning a new language. The internet. Yep mum has an Ipad and totally keeping up with technology. Way to go mum! (she reads the blog and also on Facebook and Instagram too!). 

On Mother's Day I always think of the babies I lost to miscarriages. I remember clearly the painful years of infertility, Mother's Day would come around and it would be a day that would slap you hard of the loss. During those years, I was a mother to fur babies and they brought me much joy. To this day my fur babies still give me a Mother's day gift. Fluffy slippers and chocolates.

To think I'm gonna be a mother soon to another fur baby.
I can hardly wait!

To all who mother, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

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  1. What a lovely post! You look like you really appreciated all that your kids have given back to you.

  2. How lovely to read your words, appreciation is something that needs to be spoken, and written, you have done it all, What a fab day out.

  3. so excited about your weekend post, you have a beautiful family and I love the ballet as well! My daughter took classes when she was a tiny thing, then piano replaced ballet. Stella looks like she loves the water!! Our Frodo isn't fond of puddles so I cannot imagine him in a body of water :) Happy Mother's day!!

  4. what a wonderful post. mother's day can be really tough for some of us. your day looked awesome!

  5. A perfect day! Our children are our life. Don't know what I would do, or be without them. And wait until you get a grandchild oh my. Wonderful days xxx