Saturday, 7 May 2016

May Days

It is May, which means in New Zealand autumn. The weather is so wonderfully mild that one of my lilac's thinks it is spring and has started to bloom. I sure would love having lilac's bloom twice a year.

May has started off rather bumpy for me. Lots of highs and lows. The highs sure are making up for the lows.

On of the lows was around my naturopathy study. I was speaking to a health educator who sells natural products and she stripped me out, She made me feel like I knew absolutely nothing.
I got off the phone to her and burst into tears.

Rang one of my naturopathy tutors who is lovely. She built me back up and said it's just a blimp in the road. Then as all awesome teachers do she got me to start questioning. She asked if I had asked for research documentation from this educator. What are her sources to back her comments up with.

Talk about a learning moment to stop doubting myself. I rechecked my information, I contacted another tutor to help clarify some learning and wow I am absolutely on the right path.

For an assignment I'm to take a case on my own health. So I worked out tests I want done on me (just a good basic checkup). As a naturopath student you can get blood tests done for yourself or for clients. But it is cheaper if your doctors will do the bloods for you. I made an appointment with my GP. Explained why I wanted these tests and that they are part of my learning. She approved most of the tests (some are still cheaper to be done via naturopath channels). She has arranged it so a copy of the blood tests will be emailed to me.  She asked that  I analyse them and write up my results and  to rebook another appointment to discuss the results, to which she said there is no charge. I questioned this as it is her time and she is helping me learn. To which she said that is exactly why there is no charge as she fully supports me in my learning. She patted me on the back as I left her surgery and said how thrilled she was that I was studying naturopathy. Now how wonderful and kind is that?

You hear a lot about drs and natural health not always agreeing. But I personally feel there is a place for both. Dr's learn different things and have different skills and if I am acutely unwell a Dr is where I wanna be looked after. For chronic long term illness a natural health care person can often help being on your health team. They can often find the root cause of why you are unwell. The process is different - for example an initial consult with a naturopath is about 90 minutes. We have the time to look at mind, body and soul. Look for body systems that are out of balance, focus on diet and lifestyle. We look at a person as a whole not just the symptom. There are more and more clinics being set up where there is a range of health practitioners all working together.

I'm finding naturopathy  terribly interesting and the exciting thing is, as a student, my clients are getting results. (sorry I can't take on any more clients at the moment). The credit does go to my clients as they are doing the hard work, they are the ones that are following through with my suggestions which are a lot more than take this pill, supplement or herbal remedy.

Another high! - The breeder sent through another photo of the bloke. (still nameless)
Oh man I just wanna eat him up. I want photos daily, no hourly!
But as an ex breeder of cats I know how hard it is to get good photos of kittens sitting still.
 I can only imagine how much harder puppies would be.

Abbey thinks Stella will want the puppy to be sent back, especially if he tears up her toys.
Stella turned 4 this week can you believe it is nearly 4 years since we got her.
As an adoptee I like to celebrate adoption day. So in a few months time she will get a special little dinner for joining our family.

We watched a fab movie last night - we wanted to see it at the movies but missed it. It is loosly based on a true story, vamped up for the movies.

It has a slow start, but keep watching. Us girls liked it more then the blokes and we gave it a 41/2 /5 (girls that is)

Farm Stay Guests...

Beau's face looks miffed, but if you look at his tail that is telling you how he really is feeling.
Maybe you can see his dinner is up high on the nut tin. Before he ate I wanted to get a photo of Beau for his family. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have to wait for a photo before he gets his dinner at home.

Sienna was busy looking into the other run. There are no other guests but she just wanted to make sure.

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