Thursday, 19 May 2016

Knitting while Listening.

 I'm a great aunt, my brother's daughter had a little boy so I've joined in the Milo May 2016 project . When we had babies I loved getting items for our babies to grow into. So I'm knitting the 18 month size as I had two balls of Quince and Co wool. The pattern can be found here. It's super fun knitting in the round which means no sewing up at the end.
I'm not the best knitter in the world so our daughter helps me out. Isn't it the mother that is meant to help the daughter? Abbey designs her own patterns and can be found at her Raverly page. She is on Instagram too.

 The Lilac Girls is a new novel out this year (I got it from the Wellington Audible library). I listened to it while walking and knitting and could hardly wait till I had time to put the earphones on. It's not a nice topic being based on the Nazi's invading Poland and then France. It is based on a true story about the "rabbits" (woman) of Ravensruck of how they actually smuggled out news of what was actually happening in the camps. 5/5 from me.

Farm Stay Guest.
It was a wet chilly day here in Kapiti. Pancho is just making himself comfortable to sit on his cushion. Which has a snuggle pad underneath to keep him  nice and warm.

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  1. you are a much better knitter than i! and it sure is nice that you have an expert right there to help you.

  2. New to your blog, and I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed looking through it.

  3. I think finally the weather is turning. We wil both have many more days to listen to books and get crafting. Congrats on becoming a great aunt xxx

  4. Your knitting looks cosy, I bet you are now lighting your fire! The book sounds like it might be a tear jerker......................

  5. congratulations great Aunt!! exciting days :)

  6. I will put that book on my list. We have a kitty in our neighborhood that looks just like that cat, we call her Betty. So pretty! Kit