Friday, 20 May 2016

Kiwis and Scotts

 We have had the pleasure of our friend (best man) over from Scotland. Gosh I am trying to think how many years it has been since he left New Zealand to live in Scotland.

He is here to take back his dad to live in Scotland. It was all rather emotional saying goodbye.

They enjoyed their roast lamb for dinner. Our family are all a bit over lamb as that is all that is in the freezer since we did the homekill. I know, what a problem especially when you see the price of it in the supermarket. We really need another deep freeze and that would overcome the need to eat lamb until freezer space is made for other meat.

While they have been here our friends daughter is in China on a study exchange. We have all been enjoying following her journey from her blog Tam's Adventures. A fab experience for her. (not sure I could use China toilets!)

Farm Stay Guest.

Pancho was far too busy for the paparazzi playing in his tunnel. I've got an Ipad that I am slowly working out how to use and have been taking little videos and putting them on Instagram which then links up to Facebook. But I don't know how to link them up to the blog.... probably a way but for blogging I prefer to use the laptop.


  1. i wish i had your lamb problem!

  2. We had the same problem but with beef. Luckily we shared it with our kids. But still she was huge and a third was still a whole freezer full!
    But like you said. It's a good problem to have. Safe travels to your best man and his dad xx