Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Introducing Louie

 Louie arrived by plane Monday morning. The introductions to Stella went well and she has accepted him. She quite likes having three meals a day too.
We are very impressed with him - he's got heaps of spark (found the Tv remotes, Abbey's knitting and chews on my slippers), he has already settled in. We are all a bit tired this morning as he had us up a few times in the night.
We had a few names lined up but once we met him none of them fitted. He was home only for a few seconds and James said what about "Louie".
Its an appropriate name for a Dobernmann as the breed creator was Louis Dobermann.

Farm Stay Guest. 
Pancho knows his Fancy Feast is in the bag and likes to hurry me along to get his dinner ready.


  1. OMG, what a handsome fellow! He looks so healthy and bright. Such a shiny coat! I can see years of fun ahead.

  2. Hello Louie. What a handsome young man you are. Xx

  3. welcome louie! you just won the puppy lottery!

  4. Louie is a fine looking young fellow - good to hear that Stella approves and that he is settling in well :-) [and making himself at home with slippers and knitting!]

  5. Awww Louie looks very sweet, and already making himself at home. It is good that him and Stella are getting along well. We look forward to seeing lots of his adventures.

  6. I am madly in love with Louie!! what a cutie!!