Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Herbs and cats...

 I am beyond thrilled with what is flowering in the garden. The herb galangal is flowering and it is the most delightful flower with an amazing potent smell which is actually quite exquisitely perfumed. The root has a sharp. aromatic taste and is used in cooking.
It's the first time it has flowered. I got quite the buzz seeing it in the garden yesterday. Gardening is a bit like that - lots of changes from one day to the next.

 The leaf of the galanga plants. They are thriving in my garden. I wonder if I can grow turmeric. Might try growing that next
I don't usually take my camera with me in the garden which means I don't usually get many photos of my cats which all hang about while I garden. Lordy has finally stopped going off on his own. He used to wander off and then sit and cry all lost like until one of us found him. He is our retired stud cat so was in a cat run for most of his life. Finally he has worked out if he hangs out with the girl cats he doesn't get lost. (his lost is still on our section and he just sits and meows)
Maji and Cinders on top of the Farm Stay roof. Not what I encourage. Thankfully Beau and Sienna were asleep inside the house part asleep when this happened.

Laura tends to stick the closest to me while I work.
Lordy and Cinders. The photo was taken on my cell phone so a bit blurry. I still haven't worked out how to use it correctly.

Farm Stay Guests.

Beau and Sienna are our current Farm Stay Guests and are a real joy to look after. They are so comfortable with me and slot into my routine. Beau is quite vocal and talks away. Sienna does  the head bunting like most of our black cats do.

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  1. i would love to be able to grow galangal. for the first time ever, i can buy fresh tumeric in my grocery store. tumeric must grow like ginger?