Tuesday, 31 May 2016

First Time on the Lead / Charles, Muddy and Milo Come to Stay

The little man is learning how to use a lead... Here hes busy not looking at me.

 Stella can be a good training assistant, but sometimes she likes to muck about. Louie thinks if Stella can muck about then so can he.
 "Now I'm going to stand up and look the other way".... He really isn't doing too bad though - Today's the first time on the lead,

Farm Stay Guests.
 Milo says "Louie's not paying attention" 
 Charles says "Louie's not paying attention"

We are privileged to have Charles, Muddy and Milo all staying together... 

Couldn't get any decent photos of Muddy though.... Here he is poking his tongue out. 

Quite nice weather today -They spent the day in the outside run but are all tucked inside tonight with four hotties (I accidentally heated up too many)  they will be all snug and warm.

Sunday, 29 May 2016


There are plenty of sticks and branches and twigs for Louie to collect as he romps about our place.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Louie and Laundry

Louie sure is keeping me busy. He helps with everything!
We are sorta getting into a routine. Louie sleeps I study. Louie is awake he helps me with my daily chores.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Introducing Louie

 Louie arrived by plane Monday morning. The introductions to Stella went well and she has accepted him. She quite likes having three meals a day too.
We are very impressed with him - he's got heaps of spark (found the Tv remotes, Abbey's knitting and chews on my slippers), he has already settled in. We are all a bit tired this morning as he had us up a few times in the night.
We had a few names lined up but once we met him none of them fitted. He was home only for a few seconds and James said what about "Louie".
Its an appropriate name for a Dobernmann as the breed creator was Louis Dobermann.

Farm Stay Guest. 
Pancho knows his Fancy Feast is in the bag and likes to hurry me along to get his dinner ready.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Trip to Wellington

Oh My goodness! We had lunch at Loretta Cafe on Cuba Street. First class all the way. So much yummy food to choose from. I was frozen as Wellington was much much colder than when we left home at Kapiti. So I wanted something warm. I've been wheat free for months until this weekend when I caved. The best choice ever was their chicken, fennel an thyme pie. Oh man the pastry was full of butter. Makes me want to not give up wheat again... but my body says different. 
Abbey had the roast vegetable salad covered in tahini dressing.
 6/5 from us girls we could not fault anything.
Loretta does cater to so many different food needs. 
A must visit when you all go to Wellington.

My friends son is in his final year of New Zealand School of Dance and we went along to watch
their choreographic season 2016 - Scope. 

Farm Stay Guest.

Pancho has access to all of the runs as he is the only guest staying at the moment. We get lovely welcomes as we walk down to see him. Brent fed Pancho last night and said he got the bestest welcome.

Sunday, 22 May 2016


 I've been attending a learn to smock class at Nancys  just because I've always wanted to learn how to smock. One of my close friends and only close friends could really asked what on earth I was doing taking on something new when I am meant to be studying for exams.
It has turned out the best thing I have done for "me" in a long time. I've met up with friends before and after the classes, got totally immersed in learning a new skill and while doing so everything about home life, study etc has all been totally forgotten. I've met some lovely ladies through the stitching group and we have planned to keep meeting while there is a class gap for three weeks. In the three weeks we are meant to finish all of our stitching and the final week is making the little dress.

 I had such fun visiting The Fabric Store in Wellington - they are now stocking Liberty fabric. Oh man I could go crazy in this shop.
 A Liberty Lawn was chosen and some DMC colours from stash for the smocking.
 Last weeks progress I achieved learning the cable stitch. I'll up date a photo of yesterday's progress later in the week. It really needs daylight to get a good photo.

Did you all get to see the Full Moon last night? I've popped a video on Instagram, We were in the barn listening to the recording the teens did this week at their jamming session - sounds rather good.

Farm Stay Guest.

I also put a video of Pancho rolling about on Instagram too. I am amazed at how white he stays even though he gets in amongst the pine needles and dust on the concrete etc. I'm pleased he enjoys his grooming as I try and make sure he goes home as flash as he arrived.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Kiwis and Scotts

 We have had the pleasure of our friend (best man) over from Scotland. Gosh I am trying to think how many years it has been since he left New Zealand to live in Scotland.

He is here to take back his dad to live in Scotland. It was all rather emotional saying goodbye.

They enjoyed their roast lamb for dinner. Our family are all a bit over lamb as that is all that is in the freezer since we did the homekill. I know, what a problem especially when you see the price of it in the supermarket. We really need another deep freeze and that would overcome the need to eat lamb until freezer space is made for other meat.

While they have been here our friends daughter is in China on a study exchange. We have all been enjoying following her journey from her blog Tam's Adventures. A fab experience for her. (not sure I could use China toilets!)

Farm Stay Guest.

Pancho was far too busy for the paparazzi playing in his tunnel. I've got an Ipad that I am slowly working out how to use and have been taking little videos and putting them on Instagram which then links up to Facebook. But I don't know how to link them up to the blog.... probably a way but for blogging I prefer to use the laptop.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Knitting while Listening.

 I'm a great aunt, my brother's daughter had a little boy so I've joined in the Milo May 2016 project . When we had babies I loved getting items for our babies to grow into. So I'm knitting the 18 month size as I had two balls of Quince and Co wool. The pattern can be found here. It's super fun knitting in the round which means no sewing up at the end.
I'm not the best knitter in the world so our daughter helps me out. Isn't it the mother that is meant to help the daughter? Abbey designs her own patterns and can be found at her Raverly page. She is on Instagram too.

 The Lilac Girls is a new novel out this year (I got it from the Wellington Audible library). I listened to it while walking and knitting and could hardly wait till I had time to put the earphones on. It's not a nice topic being based on the Nazi's invading Poland and then France. It is based on a true story about the "rabbits" (woman) of Ravensruck of how they actually smuggled out news of what was actually happening in the camps. 5/5 from me.

Farm Stay Guest.
It was a wet chilly day here in Kapiti. Pancho is just making himself comfortable to sit on his cushion. Which has a snuggle pad underneath to keep him  nice and warm.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Ready and Waiting

 We are already for the new bloke to arrive. His nursery is set up. He will be crate trained, hence the pen. He seems to be quite the Beco collector from all his toys.
The breeder has had the puppies on the following routine which is fantastic
o   6am      -           Breakfast and play time
o   7am      -           Sleep time (in their play pen for 3 hours) – bone to chew
o   1pm      -           Lunch and play time; often an afternoon nap
o   6pm      -           Dinner and playtime
o   8pm      -           Sleep for the night

 Gosh it is exciting when a photo update comes through from the breeder.
Next Monday is the adoption date. I've still yet to puppy proof the house, roll up the rugs, organise all cords for charging Ipads and cellphones to new safer places.

Farm Stay Guests

Pancho has come back to stay while his family travel overseas for work. The first thing he did when he got out of his carry cage was go to the food bowl. Which was empty as he comes with his special ragdoll cat biscuits. I had to fill the bowl pretty smart.

I've been given an Ipad and took that down to the cattery with me. I can video on that and upload to Instagram. I still prefer to use my laptop to write the blog so to see his video here is the link.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Mother's Day

Our  kids - they bring me such joy and love every single day. I am so proud of both of them and they let me mother and fuss over them every single day. I am soo lucky! I just love my little family to bits and so greatful we are a close family unit.
They made such a big fuss this year. I was told nothing (which drives me CRAZY). Typically we don't really do Mother's Day - I'm not one for commercialism and all. But the kids went out of their way to acknowledge all I've been doing for them of late. Oh I got very teary eyed and felt so loved and appreciated.

 They all organised meals which meant heaps to me. Making meals daily to suit everyone's special diet needs has brought me to my knees a few times lately. There is no room to not be prepared. Abbey found a local fish n chip shop that does gluten free and for the nightshade free folks kumera chips. A real treat of rare takeaways for our family.
They even cooked my dinner for me. I think I was a cave woman in a previous life as I prefer to chew on a bone than eat meat so they prepared spare ribs and salad. YUM!

 Stella enjoyed her little swim at the beach - our autumn is so mild - it's really lovely.

 James who is an apprentice has been spending his lunch breaks making me a candelabra or is it candelabrum? out of stainless steel so it will not rust for my bush bath. Sure am looking forward to my next bush bath. I'm totally stoked and love it!

Abbey had been given some money and spent it buying us both fabulous tickets to the Wizard of Oz Ballet. It brought me to tears the selflessness of the gesture. And man I was surprized. I had no idea all that I knew was written in my diary "keep the afternoon free".

Us girls loved the ballet. The lion costume was my favourite with his dreadlocks. 

Being a lover of tap it was rather wonderful when Dorothy put on her red shoes and did some tap dancing. For our performance Dorothy was Bronte Kelly

We had different dancers at our performance who played the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow.
They were all fab!

Photo source RNZB.

Choreographer Francesco Ventriglia has based the ballet on the original book by L. Frank Braum's Wizard of Oz (which I have never read and now will) and also his memory of a little girl he met when he was in hospital.
Some children in the audience were quite lost with the story, (I love seeing all the wanna be ballerinas with their hair in ballet buns). The ending was terribly sad which I was not expecting. But wow what an awesome ballet to provoke such emotion.

Photo source RNZB

Sir Jon Trimmer my favourite dancer of all had a role as Uncle Henry.

5/5 I loved every minute of it

Mother's day for me brings up many emotions and memories. As a little girl on Mother's Day I always wondered who was my birth mother. When I was 19 I searched and met her. Many years later I found out about my natural father. I thank my mum & dad  who adopted me. I was a lucky girl to be removed from my natural family.

And to my mum who raised me -  I'm so greatful for the values she has instilled in me. Plus I am in awe of her. She is in her 80's and learning a new language. The internet. Yep mum has an Ipad and totally keeping up with technology. Way to go mum! (she reads the blog and also on Facebook and Instagram too!). 

On Mother's Day I always think of the babies I lost to miscarriages. I remember clearly the painful years of infertility, Mother's Day would come around and it would be a day that would slap you hard of the loss. During those years, I was a mother to fur babies and they brought me much joy. To this day my fur babies still give me a Mother's day gift. Fluffy slippers and chocolates.

To think I'm gonna be a mother soon to another fur baby.
I can hardly wait!

To all who mother, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

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