Saturday, 30 April 2016


 Our new bloke to join the family. A little Red and Tan Doberrman he is 5/12 weeks old,
Any name suggestions? We are still trying to decide on one.

 It sent us down memory lane remembering our previous dogs before we had a family.

This was 26 years ago with Brent's dad giving our dogs a few tit bits.
We bred the two black n tans and the reds are some of their offspring.
No I don't want to breed again.

Abbey about 2 years old having a tea party with Briar. She was the best dog ever,
Abbey sharing the cuppa tea.
Which probably had some dog treats in it. 
Our kids have had no choice but be brought up around lots of animals.

Farm Stay Guests,

Beau and Sienna are back. It is really lovely how they give me big greetings. I'm pretty sure they enjoy our place. Beau was funny yesterday I was giving him a cuddle and no way was he letting me put him down. In the end I had to put him down gently on his side so I could give Sienna her turn. She was climbing up my side for attention. It's rather wonderful to be so in vogue.


  1. Oh your new little man is just sweet. I am a bit pants at names - I am sure you will find a perfect name for him.

    Enjoy the lovely sunny day - so warm!

  2. What a handsome dig, those blue eyes against the brown and tan! What about ole blues.......Frank Sinatra??

  3. what a cutie!!! that is one lucky pup! abbey is soooo cute!

  4. awww...he is so cute, Leanne! What about "Tanner" for a name?