Sunday, 17 April 2016

I'm Home.

 Last photo of the mount as I left Taranaki - can you spot the hawk in the photo?

 I am going to miss the stunning sunsets each night that is for sure.
 I took time each night to just sit and be.

 It was two weeks of full on non stop lectures and workshops. My brain is in overload and will take me a day or two refile all the knowledge. It is a good feeling to think it is the last workshop of my studies. I might go back in October for my theory exam, but if I can find a local justice of the peace that doesn't mind supervising a three hour exam I can do the exam local. Please let me know if you know of a local JP.

Otherwise next year before 23rd June I have to return to the college once more for the final practical exam and the hard work will be over. It is a good feeling knowing the end is insight. But still an awful lot of work to do before then.

 The last day was a fun hands on workshop all about detox. A fellow student chose to have a clay foot bath

 We learnt how to make castor oil detox packs and apply.

 Clay packing
I chose packing some fingers as didn't feel like getting to messy. It can be really beneficial for people with arthritis. Click here to learn more about Purely Earth Clay for arthritis.

It sure is good to be home.


  1. this is all very exciting! good for you!

  2. Welcome home..such beautiful photos of the Mountain and suset! Congrats on all the hard work with your course xo